How Long Does Plazma Stack Last

Assuming you’re training 4 times a week and using the products as recommended, how long does everything last? A month?

The <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma Super Stack or the <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma Reactive Pump Stack?

Either way, it depends not just on the number of days you train, but also the number of servings you choose to use for each workout. For example, most people use three servings of Plazma for every tough weight training workout, but some use two, and some use four. You can use two servings per day of Indigo-3G or only one serving per day, before training ideally.

You can view the labels with serving suggestions and the number of servings per bottle at the Biotest store. Here are the links below. Just click on “Label.”

<a href=""target=“new”>Plazma
<a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10
<a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G

Thanks Chris. I looked at the labels and figured it out. The way I’d use it would come out to about $10 bucks a session.

If you train 5 times per week and use 2 scoops of Plazma (this is what I do) the super stack will last 6 weeks. You will need more MAG-10 and Indigo to last that long though. I found that I don’t need 3 scoops. I tried for a few workouts then cut to 2 and didn’t notice a difference enough to keep 3 scoops. The stuff is truly amazing though. You feel like you cannot get smoked.

As many train four times per week, your question probably is a great one for a lot of people.

If using 3 servings per workout, then with either stack the three jars of Plazma will last five weeks (twenty workouts.) As T-bone12 mentions, if personally you find 2 servings per workout to suit you, then 30 workouts, or seven and a half weeks.

The Super Stack is the one that includes MAG-10. The two jars of MAG-10 will provide 56 servings, which is two pulses per day for nearly every day of the month. As Chris says, whether this will last a month depends really on personal choice of how to use it. It will provide strong benefit at this label usage level but in some instances it’s possible to get still more benefit by using MAG-10 pulsing more frequently than this. This is particularly relevant when working to get leaner than one’s individual body is otherwise readily able to get, when working to push lean mass past a personal plateau, or when training exceptionally hard. Basically, one gets 28 pulses per jar. For most the two jars are absolutely fine for a month.

Either stack provides one bottle of Indigo-3G. The 180 capsules provide for one month when at the maintenance level or optional starting level of 6 capsules once per day. However, where really needing to fix a problem with handling carbohydrates, it’s preferable to dose twice per day for the first 8 weeks. If there’s not a particular problem there, then once per day can be a great choice and the bottle will last a month.

Any thoughts to adding a discounted option to the stacks to pick up an extra bottle of Indigo-3G?

That’s up to the big boss. Have you checked into the auto-ship option? You can add stacks to it, then add Indigo-3G at a discount for being on auto-ship.

I have been using Plazma for the last two weeks and had a question, I know people here are saying two scoops with four workouts a week could last 6 weeks, however for me I found that I am almost completely through my bottle of Plazma and it’s only been two weeks! Lol. This may be a silly question but the scooper for the protein is huge, is one serving considered to the brim of the scooper or is that meant to hold upwards. Of two servings… I am just at a stump as to why I am going through this stuff so quick while trying to be conservative due to lack of funds lol.

Thanks for help!

cstratton2, one serving is 65g, so it’s best to weigh it. However, one level scoop is right at 65g. Be sure to give the bottle a shake or two to aerate the powder. It could pack down when shipping. Typically, Biotest powdered supplements contain a little more product than listed, so it’s never “short.”

2 scoops per workout means 10 workouts per tub, so 2.5 weeks. Sounds like about right, if you’re at the 2 week mark and almost done with the first tub?

i did 3 tubs in 2 weeks =)

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