How Long Does Indigo 3G Effect Carbs


I just started taking Indigo 3G. I know it stays in ur system for approx 6 hours after taking a dose according to reps @ Biotest. My question is after you’ve been taking it for a few days & continue to take it daily does it affect how your body handles carbs in a positive way all day or should u always consume all your daily carbs within that 6 hour or so window?


A little of both. When Indigo is at work within the body, for those 6-ish hours after taking a serving, it’s doing it’s nutrient partitioning job and shuttling around the carbs you take in for that time period.

Over time, as your body comp and natural insulin sensitivity both improve, your body is better able to handle carbs whenever you have them (presuming from clean sources, of course).

As far as seeing long-term results in general, one simple way to setup nutrition is to focus the majority of the day’s carb intake before and after training, and to focus more on protein, healthy fats, and vegetables in other meals of the day. So that approach basically sets itself up to be very effective without Indigo and even more effective with it.