How Long Can You Be On The V-Diet?

I’m on the evening of day 11 now. Going great! Lost a lot of fat. Been doing a few body scans at the gym and muscle mass seems to be roughly holding and only fat is going down. About 3.5kg so far (so about 8lbs of ft) and the body scan says 3% body fat down to. Visible changes are huge. So happy days.

I’m somewhat curious on how long your body could sustain the vdiet for? One month is recommended and I’d assume people have gone longer but does your body not get used to things so the effectiveness of it reduces after about two or three weeks? Of course there is the taste buds change factor staying on it for a months that is a huge plus to.

I remember this being a talking point years ago when it was just shakes and not the one meal a day version. That people seemed to think that after 2 to 3 weeks that was it for fat loss.

Has this now changed with the one meal a day version and you could stay n it longer and your body will still keep dropping the fat?

Or would it be better to cycle off after a month and go back to normal eating for a month before going back on it?

Chapter 15 of the ebook, “Answering Your Questions”, literally covers this with the question “Can I do the V-Diet for more than four weeks?”.

Long story short, for sure you can run it longer if you needed/wanted to. There’s no problem and your body won’t adapt.

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I’ve actually considered just continuing on till the end of the year out of conveinence. The supplements alone save me a fortune on food.

Is this to do with the fact that it’s one meal a day now so it keeps the body fueled?

As I remember this being a part of the original vdiet pdf that was released. That some people might be happy with two or three weeks and then see it slow down or stop.

The body was properly fueled with the original all-shake/once a week HSM plan. The current plan is simply more practical, which makes it easier to stick with for a longer period of time.

A daily HSM means sit-down dinner with the family or lunches with the boss or even most social events are no problem. Make smart decisions with the meal and you’re good to go.

Yeah with the shakes I don’t have to worry that I’m gonna go overboard at my favorite Mediterranean rest everyday and drop $12 on the best damn food imaginable and still manage to have just clean macros and calorie intake. Then ending up spending another $15 on sushi for dinner. Breakfast was all I usually do cheap and easy. 10 eggs over medium, and cup of plain oats with just cinnamon. YMMV

So you are ignoring eating vegetables in the morning and that’s ok to? Just eggs and oats?

Pretty much, that breakfast is really filling. I don’t have much of an appetite in the morning and sometimes I struggle to eat just that. As long as you get vegetables in at some point in the day

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