How Long Can I Stay on Hot-Rox?

I’m going to start taking Hot Rox and I am wondering how long I can stay on it. I already have my diet and workouts in check and have made good progress with just that. This is just the icing on the cake to get ready for summer

I’m either going to do 100 days straight of Hot Rox taking 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. I just wonder about taking that mush caffeine for that long. It doesn’t sounds like your body adapts to the fat loss ingredients according to other posts but dont quote me on that. This would be 4 bottles of Hot Rox

My other option is take is a 90 day cycle with 37 days of Hot Rox, 15 days of Carbolin 19, then 38 days of Hot Rox again to break up the caffeine content. This would be 3 bottles of Hot Rox and 1 bottle of Carbolin 19

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

How sensitive are you to caffeine? Do you regularly drink coffee or tea? Per capsule, Hot-Rox has about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, I believe.

With that said, people drink coffee for decades straight. So if you aren’t overly sensitive to caffeine, have no worries. You could always start off with just the Hot-Rox to asses your tolerance, and switch to the 90-day plan if needed (that would just make stocking up with one order more difficult).

It’s not a bad idea to take a two week or so break from a supplement after 12 or so weeks of continuous use. So your hundred day plan would be just fine.

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Thanks. The caffeine shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll be taking it early enough where it shouldn’t affect my sleep. Its the yohimbine hcl I’m concerned about building a tolerance to

The recommended use is actually to go for a minimum of 6 weeks, so I definitely wouldn’t expect any tolerance build up.

That said, I’ve always preferred using Hot-Rox, like you mentioned, as icing on the cake to kick things up if/when fat loss hits a plateau. You could even play around with using only on the hardest training days to really turn the dial to 11 instead of taking it every day/every workout.

Ideally going for 12 weeks since thats what was done with the carbolin 19 study. Yesterday was my first day on it and even with doses at 5:30am (2 pills) and 11:45am (2 pills) my sleep was affected. I’ll keep it like that this week and see how it goes but if sleep is affected every night I might switch it up some, 2 hot rox pills in the first dose and 1 hot rox and 1 carbolin 19 in the second dose. I’ve also thought about hot rox during the week and just carbolin 19 on the weekends. Thats if either of those are acceptable.

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