How Long Between V-Diet Rounds?



I’ve been doing some math and I’ve calculated that I would be at 5% to 7% bodyfat after two rounds of the Velocity diet (if the variables I am using hold up, mainly the amount of fat lost and the amount of lean mass kept.) I know that going through two rounds of the V-Diet back to back is a no go. So, my question is: how long do you recommend to wait before doing the V-Diet a second time?



Well, that kind of math seldom adds up, but that’s another topic.

4 week or so between full V-Diets is your answer.


Hey Chris, thanks for the quick reply. I am with you, that type of math rarely adds up. But, as they say, how am I going to know when I get there if I don’t know where I am going? Take care and thanks for your personal investment in making all of our lives better.