How Does My Post V-Diet Eating Look?

Ugh, I feel absolutely guilty about EVERYTHING I eat now, I’m just being finicky here, but could use some reassurance. Here is what I ate today:

2:30 PM - Woke up

3:00 PM - 2 scoops Metabolic Drive blended with one large banana

7:00 PM - visited my father for dinner, 1 grilled salmon fillet, and a small side salad (garden variety, with a no carb 5 cal per serving dressing)

9:00 PM - 2 scoops Metabolic Drive

around 9:30 I worked out, then had 2 scoops of Surge Recovery

2:00 AM - 4 egg whites, 2 big leaves of spinach and about 40grams of skim swiss all chopped and scrambled together

2:45 AM - “desert” was about 1 cup of 1% cottage cheese with around 10 dried cranberries thrown in

Everything was extremely delicious, and filling, but I can’t shake the feeling of “oh fuck I am fucking up” and I don’t know why. Any suggestions would be grand!

Your food choices look healthy. But much depends on your goals. Are you still trying to lose fat? Looking to maintain? Ready to go on a clean mass phase?

The answer to those questions will determine calories and macros. While I don’t want people to have to count calories and macros forever, it might not hurt to keep up with it for a week to see where you’re at. You could be eating too few cals or not enough protein. So you need to know that info, the figure out what your goal is (lose more fat, maintain, gain mass) and adjust based on those goals.

One note: No need to fear egg yolks. Get the omega-3 enriched whole eggs and eat 'em up.

i also believe a side effect of the V-Diet is feeling guilty about eating solid food. I am sure that will fade away over time but experiencing that in transition.

I too am having that fear… not that I’ve even reached that point yet, but I’m already trying to develop a diet with the right macros inside the ‘slight deficit to maintenance’ calorie range.

So far its looking like this:

1/4 cup blueberries
1/2 cup old-fashioned oatmeal
4 egg whites

snack: protein shake

6oz chicken/beef
2 cups veggies/salad
2 tbsp balsamic greek dressing

snack: protein shake

4oz bison steak or chicken breast or bison patty 1 thin slice skim cheddar cheese
big serving veggies
2 tbsp vinaigrette dressing.

Its just things like having a burger, even with those flat/thin whole grain buns or this salad from Joey’s (lettuce, cranberries, avocado, apple slices) at night that are worrying me… is it ever okay to have a carb/protein combination in the evening if you limit your carb intake during the day?

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