How Does Chris Feel About Fruit?


This debate has been beaten into the ground at this stage but I’m curious as to what Chris thinks about fruit as a carb scource?

Personally I have one piece on non workout days at breakfast(apple) and two pieces on workout days(apple preworkout, banana post), what about you Chris?


I always hear the nutrition experts say, “Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.” I prefer “Eat lots of vegetables, and a little fruit.”

I’m not anti-fruit, and a piece of fruit is certainly better than a candy bar. But eating 6 pieces a day, or whatever the current Gig Gov rec is, is a bit much fructose for me.

I typically have a piece a day, but since Superfood is part of my daily routine I don’t mind skipping it entirely for weeks. (I’m getting the good stuff, without the sugar, from Superfood.)


Awesome Chris, thanks :slight_smile: