How Do I Get Started?

Ok, I’m going to give the V-Diet a try. To be completely honest I am very skeptical. Nonetheless, I’m going to approach this with an open mind.

So, how do I get started. I ordered the various Biotest supplements needed for the V-Diet and I have read the V-Diet eBook. Where do I go to set up my diet log? I clicked the link in the eBook and I get a system error. So how do I get to set up my diet log going through the T-Nation website?

You found it! I started my diet log yesterday. Welcome to the club. Just start logging what is going on here.

Just start a thread in this forum, just like you did for this question.

Where to Begin?
I’m a very fit 53 year old with three questions;

  1. What’s the best pre-workout?
  2. What’s the best recovery supplement?
  3. What could help with the last of the stubborn belly fat?
    I lift 4-5x/week at high intensity. Lots of multi-muscle movements, OL and very little cardio outside of rowing. I have 12% body fat, but most of it is abdominal.
    I currently use C-4 Ripped Pre-Workout and feel like it works well, but I’m open to a cleaner product.
    Overtraining may be a contributing factor, but I’m more sore than I should be.
    I would welcome any thoughts…

The answer to both of these is Plazma. It’s not loaded with caffeine/stimulants like most “pre-workouts”. It’s actual workout nutrition that can improve performance and recovery.

I’m guessing you’re not considering the V-Diet like this thread is talking about? This article How to Burn Stubborn Body Fat has tips about… burning stubborn belly fat.

Try laying out your training in the Over-35 Lifter forum. The gang there can give some great input about dialing in your plan to balance recovery and progress.

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