How Are You Getting On, Progress?

I started the Velocity on Monday and have lost 4lbs… Feel like I should be loosing more! Just wondered how everyone else is getting on?

Also, does anyone know if it is possible to loose 25lbs of fat on this?

Good luck guys :slight_smile:

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I started the Velocity on Monday and have lost 4lbs… Feel like I should be loosing more![/quote]

Losing 4 pounds in 4-5 days is excellent progress. Sounds like you’re on track. Exactly what kind of results were you expecting in less than a week?

It’s certainly possible. People have dropped that much in the past. But don’t over-focus on scale weight, be sure to track measurements too. If inches are dropping and the scale doesn’t move “as much”, you’re still making progress because the plan is maintaining and building muscle while dropping fat.

As the saying goes, if you burn 10 pounds of fat while putting on 10 pounds of muscle, you’ll look ridiculously better (and feel better and move better), but the scale will still read the same number.

I guess being heavy I thought I’d loose more! But its better than nothing :slightly_smiling:

Thats awesome thanks! Do you by any chance know why the diet was changed from 1 HSM per week to 1 per day? Would it be bad to have protein shakes only and no HSM?

The daily HSM helps build better habits overall. You get more experience with choosing and cooking practical, healthy, physique-friendly/goal-oriented meals. It also helps willpower and consistency. When you can have a real, whole food meal with your family/significant other instead of drinking your dinner shake while they’re having roasted chicken and mashed potatoes, it turns it into a lifestyle instead of just “a diet”.

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