HOT-ROX / ZMA on an Empty Stomach


My timing of shakes is consistent, but I feel full ALL of the time with 5 shakes/day; I worry that HOT-ROX around noon is not on an “empty stomach” – same with ZMA at night 30-60 min before bed. Could I double up dose on one of the day shakes, and just take 4 shakes/day with same effects? Otherwise, everything is going fine – I think it’s easy to follow in its simplicity.

  1. If you really feel too full, you may drop one scoop of Metabolic Drive from the daily plan. That fits within the built-in “wiggle room” of the plan. So for one shake per day, you can make a one-scooper instead of a two-scooper. Do this where ever in the day you see fit.

  2. You don’t have to take HOT-ROX on an empty stomach for it to work very well as a fat burner. You may not feel the energy effects as strongly when taken with food or a shake, but the fat-brning effects are still working well. FYI, for the record, I always take my HOT-ROX with food because my stomach is sensitive to it. Still works great.

  3. For ZMA, take about 30 minutes before your last shake of the day. That’s close enough.

Keep me posted and don’t hesitate to shoot many more questions.


Thanks – I’ll try that and good to know I can take the HOT-ROX with or near my shake.