Hot-Rox with V-Diet

Starting up the V-diet next week. Will train first thing in the morning say around 6am…just not sure how to incorporate the Hot-Rox prior to training and breakfast timing…any advice would be much appreciated!

If you’re going to use Hot-Rox, I’d take it a little bit before having the Plazma pre-training. So, pop the Hot-Rox around 5:40 or so, start the Plazma around 5:45, and hit the gym at 6 ready to roll.

Just make sure to start easy with the Hot-Rox to test your tolerance based on how you handle stimulants, since it does contain caffeine. One cap before training, and after a few days, you can add one cap before lunch (as long as you’re fine with some stimulants in the early afternoon).

I’m currently on the V-Diet. I also workout at 6 am. I wake up at 5 am drink 1 scoop of MD with 2 Alpha Male and 2 Hot-Rox. I started with 1 Hot-Rox. It’s strong stuff. I’m now up to 2 now. I start drinking my Plazma as I’m walking out the door to the gym at 5:45. I usually take my second round of Alpha Male and Hot-Rox around 11 am. I can go to sleep at 9 no problem.

9:00 am I have my 2 scoops of MD for breakfast.

12:00 pm 2 more scoops

3:00 pm 2 more scoops

6:00 pm HSM

I have been skipping the pre bedtime MD because I’m not hungry.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Chris. I was just curious because Chris Shugart mentioned a while back that when taking Hot-Rox first thing in the AM and then weight training that it would be a bad idea. Has this changed because i would be taking Plazma while training? Also, how long would I have to wait to have my first shake ( breakfast) for the day post AM training? Thanks much!

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