HOT-ROX vs Flameout


I just purchased a few items from the V-Diet (protein, HOT-ROX, Surge Recovery) it was recommended by a friend that has done the old version of the V-Diet which I guess was only the protein and HOT-ROX… my question is does the HOT-ROX take place of the Flameout?

Or should it be taken with the Flameout(which I did not purchase). Since the HOT-ROX is not listed on the diet it is a little unclear on if it is an added supplement or replaces a supplement.

I have been taking CLA 3 times a day, I know you stress stick to the supplements recommended. I will purchase the Flameout if it is that important.

I’m in a competition for a 12 week body transformation and all is well except getting this little extra fat in the abdomen area off with 3.5 weeks left till it ends.


HOT-ROX is a dedicated fat burner: You can find all the info here:

Flameout is a fish oil based supplement:

You don’t have to take the HOT-ROX, especially if you’re sensitive to stimulants, but it does speed fat loss and provide energy.

Flameout can help with fat loss too, but it’s more of an overall health and wellness supplement that people make a staple and take every day.