HOT-ROX vs Carbolin 19?

Just wondering when you would use HOT-ROX vs Carbolin 19?

I’m an 18-year-old college student looking to lose some stubborn fat. I workout 6 times per week doing traditional body-building with some additional strength work.

6’2 190lbs ~15-17% BF

Cost of HOT-ROX / serving = $0.45
Cost of Carbolin 19 / serving = $0.50

They both have pretty similar costs, so wondering which one you prefer.

First, Hot-Rox contains Carbolin-19, so keep that in mind.

Read this article for some additional info on Carbolin-19:

Now check out the <a href=""target=“new”>HOT-ROX store page and note the additional ingredients.

So, in short, you’d use Hot-Rox for shorter periods when you’re fat-loss focused and want an extra boost. Hot-Rox contains stimulants plus other ingredients, so it’s more of a dedicated fat burner and the Carbolin is added to help you retain muscle when dieting hard.

You’d use Carbolin-19 more long-term for any goal since it has fat loss and muscle-building properties. It’s also not a stimulant or at least very mild compared to Hot-Rox, and some want the fat loss effects without the stimulants.

Thanks Chris.

I’ve decided to go with the Carbolin 19 due the scientific research and it looks like exactly what I need.


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