I have been on HOT-ROX and I am taking the full dose. It seems like it’s working, but I am used to more stronger fat burners like lipodrene w/ ephedra or clen. I wanted to know your opinion of taking clen on weeks 3 and 4 of the V-Diet. I know that is unethical for you to approve the use of clen, however, I probably will take it either way. I respect your opinion and would still like to hear it.


HOT-ROX is superior to clen. And yes, I’ve tried it.

Oh, I “felt” clen more. I felt like total shit, but “feeling” something doesn’t always mean it’s working.

HOT-ROX targets the hard to reach fat and helps preserve muscle. Clen does not. I think most folks think clen is better because it’s illegal, so gosh, it must be powerful, right? Nope, I honestly don’t believe it and actually threw out what clen I had left once HOT-ROX was available.


i agree withe this completely (if anyone cares)…my point of view is that of someone who used PED’s for close to 20 years. Probably the only things i have ever seen work better than HOT-ROX extreme was an old GAC formula (Heatmiser) that is of course no longer availiable (since he’s in prison and all). And of course DNP which is just a ridiculous concept for the average person. I am constantly amazed at the refusal of people (especially bodybuilders) to accept taht anything can possibly work better than illegal compounds. In many cases they are right…but i have always kept an open mind for alternatives and HOT-ROX Extreme just kicks ass period.


How much Yohimbine is in 1 capsule of HOT-ROX?

What do you think about using a small dose of T3, such as 25mcg - 50mcg daily with the HOT-ROX?


[quote]t-minotaur wrote:
How much Yohimbine is in 1 capsule of Hot Rox?

What do you think about using a small dose of T3, such as 25mcg - 50mcg daily with the Hot Rox?[/quote]

How about not fucking yourself up with prescription drugs you don’t need? :wink:

Or are you talking about those supps that name themselves after prescription drugs?

Either way, you’re not going to speed up the V-Diet, unless you lose a leg. Just let the diet work.

As for your other Q, that’s probably part of the proprietary formula, but you can call Biotest customer service and maybe they can help.