Hot-Rox Questions

I’m about to order Hot-Rox Extreme and was curious to know if there is anything that would show up on a drug test? Also, is there anything negative side effects to using this product? I’m not even close to being caffeine sensitive, so I’m not too concerned with that ingredient; I just wasn’t sure if there was anything else that may cause a reaction.

Also, for getting lean, would anyone recommend a second product, or is Hot-Rox the best option?

You have nothing to worry about regarding a drug test. If you’re asking about testing for a competition, it’s always best to check with the organization because sometimes they have some insane restrictions. But with that said, Hot-Rox Extreme is, pardon the pun, extremely safe.

If your first and foremost goal is fat loss, then Hot-Rox Extreme is your ticket. If you’re looking at dropping some fat while adding muscle, Indigo-3G or Carbolin 19 are worth reading up on.

I am a polygraph and urine tested natural bodybuilder and use HOT ROX for all of my preps, nothing to worry about. HOT ROX is a great all-in-one, IMO shouldn’t be stacked with anything else other than a good cardio and nutrition plan.

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Thanks guys. Obviously this would work best with a low carb diet, however, can I still use this if I’m high carb and see decent results? Or should I wait until I’m lower carb? I’m wanting to obviously shred a few pounds of body fat, but also want something to help get me jump started.

Welcome! Higher carb/lower carb, doesn’t matter, what matters most is calories in calories out. If you’re in a deficit and trying to lose fat, they’ll help. Ultimately your training and nutrition have to support fat loss and you must be consistent. Cumulatively, over time, if you’re very consistent, you’ll get leaner with HOT ROX than without them. I added them in 4 weeks before my last contest when calories were already low, also implementing the morning fasted cardio, and it really turbo charged things. I’m taking them again now preparing for my next show in 6 weeks, they’re definitely getting me down to where I need to be.

One thing to possibly keep in mind, is the maximum effects of yohimbine can be inhibited by insulin. So, I wouldn’t recommend having Hot Rox then eating a bagel right away. I take them first thing in the morning, then do my 20-30 minutes of fasted low intensity cardio, then eat breakfast which has carbs, about 30g. I also take them in the afternoon, take a 30min slow walk, then have my pre workout meal which has 70g carbs. So again, it’s not as much the macro balance as whether or not you’re in a overall caloric deficit.

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Perfect. Thanks for the help.

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