Hot-Rox Question: Menopause and Abdominal Fat


HI all, I’m a new member of T Nation although I’ve been following the site for months. I have some questions.

I am a 55 yo female just entering into menopause. SUCKS! I have been doing really well with diet and I exercise at least 5 hours a week plus Yoga daily.
I have started to notice my flat stomach is not so flat anymore. I’ve starting to gain abdominal fat despite exercising hard and trying to eat clean. So I’ve buckled down and started using Metabolic Drive every morning and Hot-Rox (one 2x day).

So far 2lbs down in one week. I’m happy with that.

I am not a skinny chick. I am stocky and build muscle easily so I work with that and just lift heavier and heavier. Strength work 3 days a week, cardio 2 days a week (first thing in the morning). Yoga 5 days a week (later in the day).
What is a good caloric recommendation? I find that I lose weight more easily if I stick around 1200 calories per day. It seems like if I go up much past 1500 calories I start gaining no matter how clean I’m eating.

Also I’ve been using Hot-Rox Extreme for a week so far. One pill first thing in the morning, another mid-late afternoon.
Will this help with the belly fat that is accumulating? After one week can I up the dose to 2 pills twice a day? I’m not having any adverse effects.

Any other recommendations for this chick? I’m open to other diet and/or supplement recommendations.
Thank you!


Is this something that you noticed happening recently, since starting the change?(My wife went through it and, yes, it sucks. Sorry.) Are you seeing increases only in the abs/waistline? Or are other measurements increasing (or other clothes getting tighter in the sleeves, calves, thighs, etc.)? Has your weight gone up significantly in that same time?

What’s your current height and weight? A general rule of thumb for fat loss calories is to not drop below bodyweight x 10 in order to avoid basically your metabolism panicking and thinking it’s in full-blown starvation mode.

But if you know that you see fat loss around 1200 calories and you gain fat around 1500 calories… try to stay in that range? This article has a pretty good perspective on calories overall.

Other than that, it’s hard to make specific suggestions without more details about what you’re currently doing. What does your training look like? On weights days - the exercises, sets, and reps? On cardio days - the duration and intensity?

Is the yoga intense like a legit workout or more “passive” with an emphasis on mobility?

What does your diet look like? What are you eating?

Hot-Rox can definitely help with fat loss, but it should be treated like the cherry on top, not the whole sundae. It’s likely you could see better progress by making some tweaks to your training and/or diet, and save increasing the Hot-Rox dose as the step after that.


Hello Chris!
Yes - this just started within the last 4-6 months. Most of the inches gain has been across my abdomen. A tiny bit in the upper thighs. Weight gain of approx 8 lbs after staying pretty steady the last 2 years. I lost 55 lbs 2 years ago and have been maintaining that since then.

Current stats: 5’1" 170 lbs as of today. My average had been 160-163. Have gotten as low as 155lbs with VERY strict diet. I’m well aware of my body type and know I’ll never have a ballerina body, so work on my strengths which are my strength and endurance.

Exercise varies (I’m a variety junkie) and I love high intensity. I love lifting heavy weights so generally do that on M,W,F. Average 8-12 reps/2-4 sets depending on what workout is on my rotation. I also mix in a lot of HiiT work (cardio and weights) along with Metabolic workouts. T and Th I do cardio. Sat and Sun I “rest” but do lots of work around the house and yard.
Workouts are 60-70 minutes M-F. I prefer hard workouts, not stuff like barre. Hard and heavy so I finish each workout a sweaty mess. I also do 30-60 minutes of Yoga M-F as well later in the day. Yoga is “power” Yoga, not “fluffy”.
Weights used varies but on average 15-45 lbs depending on the exercise. The heavier the better as my goal is really to gain and maintain strength as I age. I love to exercise, getting up every morning at 5:30 to hit it. I have my own gym in my basement with dumbells, kettlebells, medballs, stability balls, 60 lb weighted vest, ankle weights, weighted gloves for kickboxing, aerobic step, pullup stand, elliptical machine and various other “toys”.

My diet is pretty consistent but I do have moments of insanity (pastries…aaggghhhh):
Breakfast = protein shake every morning.
Lunch = light ie: salad, low cal soup, sauteed veggies
Supper = good healthy meal with focus on meat and veggies.
I eat minimal carbs only allowing whole grain breads, brown rice, etc.
I eat minimal sugar.
I drink minimal alcohol.
I drink moderate amounts of coffee and tea per day.
I drink approx 32 oz of water per day.
I keep my portions down to smaller generally recommended sizes.
I snack only occasionally - nuts, protein bars, fruit, etc.

In the past, eating at night was my downfall. Now I try to stop eating after approx 7:30pm.
Portions used to be an issue, now I practice good portion control.

I have been using Hot Rox for about 9 days and have actually noticed a big difference in my workout performance. Don’t know if its the ingredients or ‘mind over matter’ but I am able to push myself more with a lot less tiredness.
I do feel the increased alertness, some warmth (that’s not a hot flash…hahahaha).
Seems to help with appetite too which has always been pretty healthy.
I lost half a pound this week (I weigh myself every Tues and Fri).

Whew…basically just frustrated with my body not reacting the way I want it too.
Thanks for all the help!