Hot-Rox or Fahrenheit?

culmom asks:
Hot-Rox or Fahrenheit? Which of these products do you recommend? I don’t necessarily need to lose weight, but have read about the benefits of caffeine prior to working out. Perhaps one of these will also help with muscle.

Do either of these products need to be cycled (8 weeks on/4 weeks off) and do you recommend taking them each day, even on non-weight training days?

Hot-Rox or Fahrenheit? Which of these products do you recommend?[/quote]
Between the two of them, Fahrenheit is often recommended for women (I’m gonna guess the “mom” in “culmom” means you’re a lady) because the formula is slightly different and is tweaked for womens’ physiology. But men and women can take either formula, and since Fahrenheit is actually out of stock right now, that kinda makes the decision easier. :wink:

Plenty of people use Hot-Rox for an energy boost before training. Just understand that it’s originally designed to help with fat loss, the energy kick is like a happy side-bonus. For example, Hot-Rox also stamps down my appetite, which is helpful when you’re dieting, but is something to be aware of if you’re trying to eat enough to build muscle.

Not really, no. They’re not supposed to.

Yes, that’s a common way to cycle stimulants to avoid the body adapting to them.

If you’re not trying to drop fat, there’s no real reason to take them on days you’re not training. Unless you wanted to use it as a morning energy boost, like instead of coffee. But really, that’s getting a bit more away from its original intention as a supplement.

Thank you so much for the response! Yes, I am a “mom” which makes me a lady :slight_smile: I don’t drink coffee, but was looking at getting something for my workouts, which can be pretty intense with heavy weights. I definitely make sure I eat enough so that should not be an issue. I appreciate your detailed thoughts regarding my many questions…have a great day!

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