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Karak143 asks:

Is it safe to take both Hot-Rox® & Mag-10®? I’m a fitness competitor & am looking to burn more fat while maintaining muscle.

Oh, yeah. There’s nothing to worry about with taking them together. Completely safe.

Just ask if you have any other questions on how to best utilize Hot-Rox and Mag-10!

Please share how to best utilize these supplements for optimal fat loss & muscle gains

Hot-Rox is very straightforward. You’ll want to follow the label directions, taking one or two capsules twice per day. Give yourself at least six hours between doses.

You get to be a little more creative with your Mag-10 use. I like to prioritize Mag-10 post-workout, having one serving an hour after training. Sometimes I’ll have a second serving of Mag-10 an hour after the first if the session was particularly grueling.

Another way to best use Mag-10 is via protein pulsing. It excels at sparking protein synthesis between meals.

One thing I’d suggest is to hang onto the Hot-Rox until the latter part of your fat loss/contest prep phase, so it can act almost like an turbo-kick to break through when fat loss typically slows down and gets tougher.

As opposed to, say, using it from the very start of your cutting phase. Adding it in down the line can help you avoid adding extra cardio and/or cutting calories further when there’s not much wiggle room on either of those two fronts.

So like, if you have a 12-week precontest phase, start using it around 4-6 weeks out instead of using it from Day One.

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