Hot-Rox & Jitters

Like many thermogenics, will Hot-Rox give me the jitters?

I’ve never had any issues with Hot-Rox causing jitters. I believe they have stated somewhere along the way that it has about the equivalent of a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine.

If your tolerance for stimulants is pretty low, definitely make sure you’re spacing the doses out by a good six to eight hours, making sure your last dose isn’t too late to cause sleep issues.

From my experience it’s not like other thermogenics in that regard. I am very sensitive to stimulants but with Hot-Rox I don’t experience any jitters and even hours after the dose I don’t feel a big crash in energy. I would recommend starting with half of the regular dose and see how your body responds and then increase it from there depending on how you feel.

Hot-Rox claims to attack the loose bodyfat behind the obliques and on the lower back.
I’ve used Indigo 3G (full dose) daily for over a year, and have been on Flameout for about 5 months, yet that stubborn fat persists.
I eat clean and lift 4 days a week. I also use Plazma before training and Mag-10 for anabolic bursts throughout the day.

I couldn’t find this statement on the supplement page, where are you getting this from?

Hot-Rox is a great fat burner but there’s no way to target fat loss at specific places of the body like that. Fat loss happens everywhere. If you’re already super lean and those are the only places you have noticeable fat left, it’ll get you to the next level.

That’s awesome and you should keep it up! I’m not sure how any of that has to do with stubborn fat. What you just described is a good, consistent exercise routine, with great supplements for your training and health, and seemingly good nutrition, although “eat clean” could mean a a variety of things depending on the person. Eating clean and fat loss are not always related, what matters more is your caloric intake. Clean food of course is superior to processed junk or fast food, but eating clean and low body fat do not necessarily go hand in hand. If you eat organic chicken and broccoli all day but you’re at a caloric surplus, your body fat isn’t gonna budge.

The supplements you’re taking are outstanding, I take them too. Without seeing pics, or knowing more about your training or nutrition, it’s hard to give any additional info, but obliques/lower back are typically where we store more fat and it’s the LAST place to go. You’d have to be very low body fat to have a well defined lower back, meaning a freakishly fast metabolism or getting ready for the stage. Your nutrition will really determine how lean you get. If you can post a recent pic, and give more details about your training and nutrition, it would be easier to give more feedback on how to get leaner.

The Hot-Rox claim to obliterate stubborn fat on the obliques and lower back is found in the “View Details” section of the products description.

So do you have any thoughts about all of the other information in my last post? There was a lot of info there. You asked for help, so maybe you could be more specific as to what it is you want help with.

I’m also a little confused, are you taking Hot Rox, or contemplating taking it? Either way, don’t expect a pill to do all the work for you. Supplements are meant to supplement an already very consistent program that supports your main goal. If you are low body fat, your training and nutrition is dialed in to support fat loss, and you need that last bit of a spark to get you there, Hot Rox is a great choice. Even if you’re not that close, it’ll still help with fat loss no doubt.

Is your main goal to lose fat and be shredded? If so, please go into more detail about your program. All you said was you train 4 days a week and “eat clean” which doesn’t give much detail. Thing like:
-What exactly is your training program like?
-Are you doing any cardio?
-What’s your height/weight?
-Can you post a picture?
-What’s your daily caloric intake?
-What do your macros look like?

That’d be a good place to start if you want detailed information.

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