Hot-Rox Extreme vs Original Formula

I used to take HotRox original
Formula and had great results. Leaned out and no jitters. How different is new formula? Many reviews suggest its strong and causes jitters I became more sensitive to fat burners over the years was concerned with new formula

If I remember right, the biggest difference is that A7E was removed. I’m pretty sure most of the ingredients are similar otherwise.

The best step is to assess your tolerance by starting with one cap, like the label suggests. You can also have it with food instead of on an empty stomach if you want to further blunt any stimulant effects.

@Chris_Colucci I was just about to post a question regarding morning intake prior to breakfast. So having it with a shake in the morning doesn’t negate fat burning effect?

Apologies for not being Chris, but there’s no negative impact taking Hot-Rox with food. You’ll still get all of the fat-burning goodness.

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