Hot-Rox Extreme, Indigo 3G, and Alpha Male

I have been taking the Indigo-3G for a few weeks now and really like the results. My muscles feel fuller, I look leaner, even though no change on the scale (irrelevant). I have been taking it with a different Test Boost and am about to run out. You had said to try with Alpha Male, I was just wondering if I could also incorporate Hot-Rox Extreme? I know there are some shared ingredients between Alpha Male and Hot-Rox Extreme. My ultimate goal is to burn fat while trying to hold on to as much muscle during a caloric deficit. I’ve had success in the past with this as long as I’m taking a Test Boost. When I haven’t I tend to drop more muscle than I’d like. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

Spot on, sounds like you’re right on track. Good to hear.

Both of those contain a dose of forskolin, so you do want to avoid overlapping. The best approach to using them at the same time is to follow Alpha Male’s 5 days on/2 days off recommended cycling and only use the Hot-Rox on those two “off” days.

With that approach, you’d get maximum benefit of the Alpha Male test boost, maximum benefit of the forskolin (which has body composition benefits), and you’d benefit from the added fat loss kick of Hot-Rox (especially if you coordinate your training and nutrition to optimize it with hard workouts and dialed-in nutrition, not rest or cheat days).

Just reaching out for some advice. I’m liking the results from the above combo. I’m feeling a little leaner, without losing much if any muscle mass…even through spotty diet during the holidays. I’m about out of Alpha Male and was wondering if I should stay the course or switch to something like Rez-V. Just looking for some input, thanks!

For me, Alpha Male is one of those “stay on for life” supps because of the overall health benefits. If you’re a dude over 30-ish, I’d say likewise.

Rez-V could be used at the same time, since it has ingredients that aren’t in any of the other supplements. It’s a perfect stack with Alpha Male because Rez-V is a natural anti-estrogen and has some test-boosting properties of its own.

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