Hot-Rox® Extreme for Heart Patient

Al asks:

I saw this advertised on T Nation. I am interested but I wanted to inquire more about it. I have been training for over a year and have lost 65+ lbs. I also had a triple bypass due to anxiety about Dec 2016. I have been body building and need the extra help to suppress estrogen and build testosterone. Is Hot-Rox Extreme recommended for a heart surgery patient like me. Again I feel fine and better at 43 than when I was 23. Thank you for your time.

It’s not recommended for people with cardiovascular issues, so I’d pass on it.

I’d go with Carbolin 19. It’s actually one of the ingredients in the Hot-Rox formula, but taking it on its own has plenty of benefits for fat loss and lean muscle preservation. It also has some strong T-boosting effects, discussed more here.

To move fat loss along even more, look into Indigo-3G. It’s a nutrient partitioner, which means it basically re-trains your body to better handle carbs, allowing fat loss without having to drop carbs super-low. Not sure what kind of diet/training got you the big progress you’ve seen so far, but it could be a good addition to your plan.

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