HOT-ROX Different Formula? + Keto

I use to take HOT-ROX back in 2004 and it worked great then it turned into HOT-ROX Extreme couple of years later (i think 2007) and they added raspberry ketone,Carbolin 19 19 and (i think ) as well yohimbine,the older version use to say ‘‘with A7-E Thermogenic Gel’’ and when the HOT-ROX Extreme first came out it had A7-E Thermogenic Gel on the back under the supplement information,but now it just has ‘‘HOT-ROX Extreme Formula 500 mg’’,so does the version now have A7-E? and im gonna start the keto diet Monday im lookin for something to aide me in losing some more weight,my goal is to get back down to 200,my calorie intake is from 1800-2500 calories a day,i try and get atleast 150 grams of protein,cardio is 3-4 times a week-(treadmill)i run a mile(6.5mph),walk a mile (3.5mph,shadow box with 2 2lb weights for a set of 3x5 minute rounds 100 crunches (have a back problem if i do too many my back stays aching and stiff for 1-3 days),and i lift weights about 60 min. 2-3 days a week when i dont do my cardio with 1 day of rest usually lift weights on a saturday and rest(usually sunday)so i have atleast 2 days of rest on the cardio,any help on supplements or tips would be appreciated


Height:5ft 10


Body Fat (says 28%) on the weight scale not sure how accurate it is

The label and newer ingredients can be viewed here: <a href=""target=“new”>HOT-ROX Extreme.

This isn’t a training forum, but we’d suggest you look into a few of our recent articles and revamp your plan. Here’s two to start with:

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Now, you were taking a fat burner when you 15 years old, against label warnings. (Not good.) And you’re posting in another of our forums about having to use a drug for fat loss. And with you asking about Hot-Rox, we assume that to mean you’re still having issues losing fat. Perhaps a new approach to diet and training is in order too? Just a thought. Lots of info in our articles.

If fat loss is that much of a problem where you resort to questionable means and training methods that come back to bite you, maybe you have some underlying issues with nutrient partitioning. Look into <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G to take care of it if that’s the case.

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