Hot Rox + Carbolin 19

bigmax78 asks:

Can a person take Carbolin 19® with Hot-Rox® Extreme? On Carbolin’s label it says something about not taking it with other weight loss drugs. I have recently ordered both. Can I take them together?

Hot-Rox actually contains Carbolin 19 as one of its ingredients, so you don’t really “need” to take them together but you can because Carbolin 19 on its on has some different effects on muscle.

If you stack them together, use a lower-than-recommended dose of Carbolin 19 to account for what you’re already getting in the Hot-Rox. So instead of 1-2 caps twice a day with Carbolin 19, go with half that.

Another way to use them both is to take the Carbolin 19 everyday as per the label, but only take the Hot-Rox on days you train (and on those days, adjust the Carbolin 19 as mentioned earlier).

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