Hot-Rox Caffeine Content

How many mg. of caffeine or in Hot-Rox? I know how much caffeine I usually / prefer to have in the mornings. I just started a cut so bought Hot-Rox instead of Brain Candy for the mornings. Doesn’t seem to have as much caffeine as BC.

Considering buying regular BC and only taking half a shot, buying caffeine free BC, taking Hot-Rox with a cup of coffee, or with nothing at all. So it would help me out a lot to know how many mg of caffeine are in Hot-Rox.

The exact amount is part of the prioprietary formula, but it’s previously been said that each Hot-Rox capsule (not “dose”, but individual capsule) has about as much caffeine as a cup of regular coffee.

Really, can’t even disclose caffeine content? Isn’t the supplement industry trending toward full ingredient transparency and disclosure? Honestly, that baffles me, but thanks for your answer.

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