HOT-ROX Before Weightlifting


If I’m not mistaking, I remember reading here at T-Nation that one of the reasons HOT-ROX is so effective is due to an ingredient in it that suppresses insulin. If I’m not mistaken and that’s still the case, would taking HOT-ROX before lifting weights not be a good idea especially if taking a workout drink like Plazma to elevate insulin levels?


HOT-ROX is fine before using Plazma. It doesn’t suppress insulin.

I believe the article you’re referring to is of the original formulation, which included acetyl-L-tyrosine. Where under caloric restriction, that could normalize insulin, compared to a potential rise if dopamine were reduced from the caloric restriction. The insulin aspect was never at all a major point but made it into a bullet point of the article. You have an outstanding memory!

Acetyl-L-tyrosine also is fine before Plazma.

Thanks for the reply!!

I always held off taking HOT-ROX before my weightlifting workouts due to the fear of it blunting insulin. I work out in the morning, eat my first solid meal around 10:30 am and due to my fear of HOT-ROX affecting my insulin, I wouldn’t take my first dose of HOT-ROX until around 12 pm which would put my second dose at 6 pm at the earliest. I’ve always had insomnia issues that would be made a little worse when taking HOT-ROX in the evening. It’s a relief to know that I don’t have to do this anymore and can take my second dose in the early afternoon.

Thanks again!!!

You’re very welcome!

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