Hot-Rox Before Breakfast, Carbs Later

I was using HOT-ROX while dieting but still have a good amour left over. I stopped dieting to start maintaining almost 2 months ago and haven’t taken any since.
I am starting a slight gaining diet. I will be consuming 250-300 carbs per day (weight less than 160).

However, most of these carbs come after 2pm as I lift around 5. Would taking HOT-ROX Pre-breakfast be of any use to me? Would I still be able to take advantage of the fat burning effects even though I will be consuming a decent amount of carbs in the afternoon and evening?

Many have reported using a small dose of <a href=""target=“new”>HOT-ROX Extreme when in a mass phase to keep fat gain in check. Some like a capsule or two in the morning no matter the phase they’re in because they like the energy and mood-boosting effects. So, it’s doable.

Whether this would help you lose fat in your “slight gaining diet” is more about your food intake/choices, training, and overall plan.

I realize you’re just using up some leftover supplements, but with your seemingly opposing goals, HOT-ROX isn’t really the optimal supplement choice. Sounds like you’re primed for <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G, especially if 250g of carbs per day is a “slight gaining diet” for you. (My wife eats about that amount to stay very lean.)

If you have that big of a problem with carbs, it’s probably better to fix the underlying nutrient uptake issues with Indigo-3G. For one thing, you won’t have to sweat micromanaging food intake so much. You can stay lean (or a lose some more fat) while gaining muscle. No more “cutting” and “bulking” phases and never being truly happy with the results of either.

Consider it. Sounds like exactly what you need.

Thanks Chris. I’m not very big (5’5" 158 right now) so I was maintaining on about 225 carbs. I’m increasing to about 275 per day to see if I can start putting some weight back on. I wish I could be on Indigo, but it doesn’t seem to be in the college budget right now. My food choices are pretty lean so I’m going to stick with this set-up to see how my results are. Typical day looks/will look like this:

7:00 - HOT-ROX
7:30 - 3 Eggs w/ Diced Ham, Piece whole fruit
11:30 - Salad w/ Chicken and Olive Oil
2:30 - 2 Scoops Metabolic Drive w/ Almond Butter and Oats
4:30 - Finibar
5:30 - Workout w/ 2 Scoops Anaconda
~8:00 - Chicken/Steak w/ Rice or Potatoes. Sometimes will split into 2 meals if necessary. I will cook enough to bring me to 275-300g carbs and 200+ grams of protein.

I am going to see how this works out while using up HOT-ROX - figured it can’t hurt. Maybe Indigo will be in my future.

Looks like a pretty solid meal set-up. Good food choices. Keep us posted!

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