HOT-ROX and V Diet



I have ordered enough stuff for 2 weeks of the V-Diet as I am not on a huge fat loss mission but want to trim down is this advisable?

Also I havent ordered the HOT-ROX extreme as bit nervous about taking extreme stimulants as I dont want them to make me anxious or have a racing heart all the time! Will the diet work well without the HOT-ROX Extreme?



Yes. Some who don’t tolerate stimulants well choose to use Se7en:


Thanks for your reply Chris

To be honest I dont know if I do react badly to stimulants; I currently drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day, but any more than 3 I usually feel unwell and jittery.

In your opinion if I cut of the coffee and just use 2-3 HOT-ROX a day this should be okay?
Also if I did react badly to them and just continued with the diet would I still see good results?


  1. Yes, good plan. Take 2 HOT-ROX per day, 1 in the AM, 1 in the afternoon. You can bump up after that if needed and if you tolerate it well.

  2. Followed correctly, you’ll still get good results without the HOT-ROX.