Hello all,

I’m planning on ordering some supps by next month and was thinking of the following:
HOT-ROX (run the full bottle)
and then TRIBEX.

I won’t be taking them at the same time, rather one bottle then the other (I’m on a budget and want everything to last at least 2 months or so). I also don’t want to spend more than $80. I tried Alpha Male over the summer and really liked it, so I figure Biotests Tribulus formula is definitely worth running again.

However, would someone suggest instead of following the HOT-ROX with TRIBEX I follow it with Carbolin 19? That way, I’d be continuing Carbolin 19 for an extended period of time as the HOT-ROX contains it as well.

I’d just like some suggestions. I’m 24, so some would argue the T boosting effects of TRIBEX might be pointless, but then again Alpha Male really seemed to “work” for me. Could have been my diet and daily training, though. In that case I might do HOT-ROX followed by the Carbolin 19.

My goal for the winter would be to shed some fat (I’ve come a long way) while retaining my strength and muscle mass (I know the latter is susceptible to diminish, at least a little bit). Let me know what you guys think.

First, don’t assume you have to lose muscle and strength just to lose fat. Old thinking. <a href=""target=“new”>Carbolin 19 is one way to help.

Given the two options, we’d suggest Carbolin-19 over Tribex for your goals, needs, and budget.

That’s said, a good workout nutrition supplement such as Plazma, Mag-10, or Surge is usually the most important thing to take care of, regardless of goals.

I would love to try Surge and MAG-10, but I can’t see the total benefit of spending money for a 24 day supply (with Surge in mind). At least not now, I mean I realize it’s not a ridiculous amount of money, just a little too much for me right now. If I could get away with using One scoop of Surge around the time I go lift, thus extending its use for 48 workouts, that’d be enough motivation for me to purchase it. Is that advisable?

Also, how can I best utilize the Carbolin 19 to get at least 4-5 weeks from it? I hear the max dose is 4 pills a day, could I get away with 2 a day for several weeks and then bump it up to 3 pills daily until the bottle is done? Thanks!

Some peri-workout nutrition would be better than nothing, for sure. Have you looked into just using <a href=""target=“new”>BCAA Structured Peptides around training?

It seems your looking for “the pill” to get what you want. All the supplements you mentioned are very effective, but you may be concentrating on the light fixtures instead of the foundation of your house. You want a T-booster when your T levels are probably fine. You want a fat burner when maybe just a change in diet and training style would take care of things for now (save the fat burner until things stall.) You want an advanced anabolic bridge supplement with no workout nutrition in place. See what I mean?

We just want you get the best bang for your buck, and assuming you’re training hard, that’s probably the best choice right now.

Or I could be wrong! If that’s the case, then the minimal dose of Carbolin-19 will stretch it out and give you an edge. And consider Surge Workout Fuel or the BCAA only for during workouts at a small serving to fit your budget.

Noted. I suppose part of me is looking to expedite the fat loss process. It’s taken years to put on mass and though I’ve acquired a decent amount of muscle I’ve also got some extra fat around the waistline now : /

But you’re probably right, being the expert, so when I make a purchase I’ll order 2 tubs of surge!

Thanks for the input–I’ll continue with my diet for a couple months more before trying a fat burner.

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