HOT-ROX and My Thyroid


I am ready to start the V-diet! My husband has told me that one of the recommended supplements, HOT-ROX, has thyroid stimulating properties. I am hyperthyroid, but without symptoms. My doctor is following my condition with serial tests and ultrasounds, but I’m not on any medications as of yet. I want to follow the diet to the letter, but I’m concerned about taking this supplement. Does it stimulate the thyroid? If so, can I do the diet without this particular supplement? Is there another, safer supplement I could substitute for HOT-ROX?

I had been in good shape about 3 years ago, just by working out and eating well, no supplements. But I have let my eating deteriorate and I have put on 20lbs. I am committed to cleaning up my eating, but am having a tough time with cooking. I think a regimen which is pre-determined might be just what I need to kickstart my body back into a lean, fit machine. Just really worried about the HOT-ROX. What do you think I should do?


That’s something you’ll have to ask your doctor. You can find all the info, ingredients, label etc. for HOT-ROX here:

That said, those you can’t take HOT-ROX replace it with Se7en which should be fine for you:


Thanks Chris! I think the Se7en sounds like a safer alternative and I’m going to try it!