HOT-ROX and Flameout

Newbie question here as about to begin the V-Diet on Sunday.

  1. Is the addition of HOT-ROX recommended to the plan or any other supplement).
  2. Are the Flameout capsules taken 5 times a day with each shake/meal as it appears in the daily log? The new PDF Plan (page 16) says to take 1 serving with your solid meal of the day. Just trying to figure out if I need to order more than the one bottle.

Thanks and I think I’m looking forward to this! Haha

  1. Optional. That’s covered in the V-Diet ebook on page 64.

  2. There are many ways to take Flameout and it’s largely personal preference. Many prefer one softgel with every shake. This may make that feeding more satisfying and filling by adding a little healthy fat to each shake. Others like the ease of just taking a full serving of Flameout (4) with their daily HSM. It’s just simple and easier to remember. Totally up to you.

Thanks Chris! Unfortunately, the next 28 days are going to be just as long for you, as they are for me! I’ll try to keep it to a minimum though. :slight_smile:

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