Hot-Rox and Brain Candy


I’m not one to take fat loss pills but I’m curious about all the other benefits I could experience during my day and the energy boost during my workouts. I’m also curious about Brain Candy. I need to lose weight but I’m more interested in the mental focus and having energy to get through strenuous work days (I’m a rope access technician) and a whole body workout 3X a week. So my question is Hot-Rox or Brain Candy? Appreciate the input.


If you’re prioritizing focus, Brain Candy all the way, especially if you’re looking to have something carry you through a strenuous work day and training.

As a stay-at-home dad to a toddler, Brain Candy gives me the patience and energy I need to keep up.

You could keep the Hot-Rox in mind for when your fat loss stalls. At that point, if you wanted to continue using Brain Candy, I’d switch to the caffeine-free version since Hot-Rox contains caffeine as well.


Makes sense, thank you. I’m definitely not at a point where fat isn’t wanting to come off.