HOT-ROX and Alpha Male


I am going on vacation in 8 weeks and I want to dial in some fat loss before I go away. I am relatively lean to start, 12% body fat measured by calibers but I want my abs to be more pronounced (top abs showing with striations in my obliques but lower abs are not in). I have been taking Indigo for months and I have been able to increase my strength and keep my weight steady (193 at 6 foot) while increasing my carbs.

I am on the maintenance dose of Indigo currently and I have been shifting the majority of my carbs to around my workout. If fat loss is my main goal, what would you recommend stacking: Indigo and Alpha Male, HOT-ROX and Alpha Male, something I am not considering? I have the means to purchase whichever supplements will help. Thanks in advance for your help.

Lots of different strategies you could take there. You could even Pulse Fast once or twice per week until your vacation. We’re updating that plan now, but it’s pretty simple: on 2 non-consecutive days per week, consume nothing but <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10, a serving about every 3 hours for one full day for a total of 6 servings. This is about a 36 hour fast because you’re sleeping on either side of it. I doubt it would take 8 weeks to get where you wanted to be with this method. On Pulse Fasting days, don’t lift, do them on your off days, but throw in a session of Predator Conditioning:

As for your options, I’d keep taking Indigo-3G at maintenance dose, pre-workout. If your main goal is fast fat loss, go with <a href=""target=“new”>HOT-ROX Extreme, unless you specifically need the T-boosting effects of Alpha Male. A side effect of that is easier fat loss of course, but HOT-ROX is a dedicated fat burner. Both contain Carbolin-19, so both can work for fat loss and muscle retention.

Thanks Chris. I have started to add in some interval work after training, 10 minutes or so using the techniques in the predator conditioning. I will start with the pulse fast once or twice a week and continue with the Indigo for a little bit and can do HOT-ROX the last 4 weeks or so if I am not where I want to be. Thanks again.

Sorry Chris, last question. I have been wanting to try the Alpha Male, can I combine the Indigo and or the HOT-ROX with Alpha Male?

That should be fine. It won’t interfere with Indigo. If you combine HOT-ROX and Alpha Male you’ll be getting a bit hit of Carbolin-19, but that’s okay. Adding HOT-ROX toward the end of a diet is a good tactic: use it when you really need it, to bring it all home.

Thanks Chris

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