HOT-ROX and Alpha Male Question

For a V-Diet supplement plan…would the double dose of Carbolin 19 be detrimental? Is it perfectly acceptable to add Alpha Male to the equation? I only ask as it wasn’t in Shugs list of supps…that I saw.


HOT-ROX Extreme, a required V-Diet supplement, already contains Carbolin 19. Since Alpha Male also contains Carbolin 19, I prefer that those wanting to add a testosterone booster use Tribex Gold:

Thanks man

Sorry for bringing up this old thread Shug’s. But if you do take 4 HOT-ROX and 4 Alpha Male, would it be bad for your health in anyway? I am not interested in double the fat loss, I am just interested if this is harmful in anyway. I just happen to have both in my hands right now that’s why and won’t be ordering anything else until a few months.

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