Horvak's V-Diet

Hi I have started the diet today…my stats are as follows:


Biceps: 18

Waist (Navel): 43

Chest: 49.5

Thighs: 26

Calves: 18.5

I am pretty disgusted with my current state of fatness and need to get back into shape, that slippery slope has been far too easy to slide down :frowning: For some reason I cannot attach any pics, they are normal jpgs at 90K shot using my MAC’s in built cam. The choose file button allows me to browse but when I select an image…nothing?

Side Shot

Back Shot…

Welcome aboard!

Horvak, How old are you? You’ve obviously been lifting for a while.

BigIron, I am 45 years old. I have been lifting on and off for years but just this last year I have gotten back into it, training 4 - 5 days per week.

I just wish the protein shakes had savoury flavours as I don’t like sweet stuff, this is going to be tough but worth it!

We’re fairly similar, I’m 43 and a shade under 6’1. You have quite a bit more muscle mass as well. I’m on day 29 and lost 18 pounds. It does suck but its worth it.

Advice, don’t think about it as 28 days. Think one day and quit tomorrow.

I admire your commitment to the iron game for such a long time. This diet will be easy if you just make the shakes in advance and stick with the log.

Scott thanks for the support. I woke up this morning feeling awful, I suspect it’s the toxins leaking out of my body. I will stick with the diet. I work from home most days and only need to travel into the office one day per week and that is the day that I am most worried about but I will just plan around it accordingly. I followed a similar protein rich diet years ago but it was just tuna and small amounts of rice for six weeks and it was very effective.

The only thing I hate is the sweetness of the shake and the gas after consuming but no doubt I will adapt. My girlfriend is very supportive and that is half the battle. I know that once I drop this bulk I am never allowing myself to get in this state again.

I usually have the opposite problem. It’s easy for me to stick to plan at the office but once I get home and turn on the food network, i get hungry and my mind starts wandering. You learn to really enjoy the shakes, I like to use a lot of crushed ice for more texture. Good luck!

Mmanyc Cheers, I have just banned myself from watching Man Vs Food! one of my fave shows :frowning:

Horvak, as a fellow Brit, good luck my son! My advice with watching man vs food is to time it so you have just had your bedtime shake. Also I don’t blend the nut butter in, so while watching I get my daily treat (I absolutely love peanut butter) which means I don’t feel left out of the wonders of food.

Have to admit the first couple of shakes are tough. Definitely found first 2 days the hardest (all the sweetness and not wanting to look a prick in uni with my protein shaker!) Couldn’t agree more that savoury flavours of protein would be awesome…like a nacho cheese flavour!

Things that really helped me get through to where I am now:

  1. Think of the financial investment…everytime you think about quitting think of all the money you have spent and stay strong

  2. Have a calendar somewhere and cross of each day as you do it. Once I got to day 3, I just kept plugging away. Each crossed off day really got me going.

  3. Try to forget about food, even though it is EVERYWHERE! I found week 2 the easiest without food and contemplated moving my HSM back a few days (which didn’t happen haha!)

  4. Definitely make sure you do your weigh ins, pictures and measurements regularly. They keep you going after the first week as the weight loss slows. I also write down the weight on my calendar so I can see progress everytime I am in the kitchen (where the calendar is).

  5. Drink a lot of water, I get through about 5 litres a day because this diet makes me very thirsty, also helps to keep you full (not that I have felt hungry at any point in this 28 days)

Just keep strong mate!

jibbsy, i agree with your calendar idea. i started a calendar, hanging in my bathroom, and i have 1-28 written on it and although i have only crossed off 2 days now, it makes me feel great to cross them out and know i am that much closer to the end. i am sure you are feeling great knowing you are almost done!

I’d say Good Luck, but luck has nothing to do with it. Stay strong, and remember, you are in control!

Great advice, many thanks, I have started crossing off the days, it was your blog Jibbsy that made me think "yeah, I’ll give this a shot’, so far so good, I just hate the sweetness of the shakes but it’s only 28 days. Christ almighy I am sure more people have endured worse over longer so a bit of self-imposed hardship doesn’t seem to bad. I did find a chicken soup flavoured brand called Unjury but they only ship to the US and Canada.

I may try looking for an unflavoured blend similar to Biotest’s Metabolic Drive and mixing it with Oxo cubes or diet chicken dried soups… (only a theory at the moment) FYI, I just eat the peanut butter from the spoon, If I mixed it in the shake I would really hurl. I find the three scoops shake the worst, it just makes me feel sick for hours…26 days and counting

I’m in the same boat. It gets a bit better after day 5 or 6 but I don’t reckon I’ll ever really adapt to the sweet flavor.

Haha Man V Food is the devil! So is Anthony Bourdain, no reservations… Stay strong, the HSM at the end of the week is so worth it.

Can’t wait for the HSM, my girlfriend has started doing some of the shakes during the day and she is going to join me in my HSM this Sunday. I was going to make steak tartare but she is not keen, so perhaps just some grilled chicken, baked spud with cottage cheese and a salad… I may just make a small cheeky steak to finish off for my desert… I do not like sweet stuff LOL

hey horvak, i am also really looking forward to my HSM this weekend. i am thinking some chicken and veggies. my husband also started drinking some shakes, which I love, I hope that he continues to do that. it is helpful to have someone support you.
awesome job so far, looks like we will finish at the same time!

I was away from home yesterday and had an early start at 5.30 to travel into work, it was the day I was dreading most. However it was not so bad, I mixed up the various powders the night before and just made up the shakes during the day. I did feel pretty rough though, headaches etc, which I suspect is the low carb and toxins coming out from my body. I haven’t touched alcohol since Sunday so I suspect am going through a double detox LOL.

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