Hooner's V Diet Log

Day 9
non-workout day. Shakes went great: using less ice, so they are thinner, but still nice and cold. HOT-ROX up to 4/day past few days, feels good.
Only walked 1/2 as long as I intended…let busy day intrude. I’m traveling (driving) out of town tomorrow, overnight for a meeting. Made final preparations to take V-Diet on road: little blender for hotel room and cooler for keeping shakes. (6 hr drive each way). Feeling good.

Day 10
Workout was OK, but I felt a little weak. Limited NEPA due to traveling. Ran up and down the stairs a zillion times cleaning the house, so that was something. Shakes while traveling worked out OK. Went to Olive Garden with colleagues, explained the V Diet. Awesome that Olive Garden has Pellegrino.

Day 11
V-Diet Road Trip:
pre measured Metabolic Drive? Check
mini electric blender? Check
small cooler for shakes? Check
bag full of supplements? Check

Drinking shakes on the road worked out pretty good. Even got in some NEPA.
Feeling thinner, so that is encouraging.

killing it hooner! preparedness is key and it looks like you’ve got that aspect down

Day 12
Workout was good today. Plank hold was 50 $ 45 seconds, record for me.
All weights went up, felt good. Mowed yard for an hour of NEPA.
Lost track of time and got off schedule with shakes, so I was hungry a bit. Better now.
V Burn Challenge tomorrow!

Day 13
V Burn Challenge in 25:20. Big improvement. Turns out I’m not such a lard ass after all. Or just less of one now; thanks V Diet!
Reading recipes, planning HSM tomorrow is big entertainment around here.
Shakes are going fine. Loving the mini blender I purchased for traveling. Now I use it all the time. Easier clean up. Best $15 bucks ever.

Day 14
Weigh in and measure.
START 14 days change
Height 5’ 10" 5’ 10"
Weight 208 200 -8 lbs
Neck 16.5 16.5 0
Shoulders 50 50.0 0
Chest - Upper 42 41.0 -1
Chest - Lower 43 41.5 -1.5
Waist - at Navel 42.5 41.0 -1.5
Waist - at largest 42.5 41.0 -1.5
Hips - at largest 43.5 43.0 -0.5
Upper Arm - L 13.5 13.5 0
Upper Arm - R 13.5 13.5 0
Upper Leg - L 25.25 24.75 -0.5
Upper Leg - R 26.5 24.25 -2.25
Lower Leg - L 16.25 15.0 -1.25
Lower Leg - R 16 15.0 -1.0
Ankle - L 9.75 9.5 -0.25
Ankle - R 10 9.5 -0.5

Totals, after 14 days: -11.75 inches, 8 lbs

This is encouraging, but I have a ways to go. The right leg measurement seems hinky, but I triple measured both times, so I’m thinking it is accurate. HSM later today, mmm, can’t wait.

nice work hooner. enjoy the hsm - you’ve certainly earned it!

Great Day. Worked in the yard, put in a raised bed garden. For HSM, made an awesome spinach, tomato, steak salad. Yam on the side.
Wife commented it is like Thanksgiving once a week. It is nice to think about food and eat slow.
Tomorrow starts week 3.

Great job Hooner - you’re knocking it out of the park!

Day 15
Week 3 starts.
Work out was good. Though how can 35 lbs be too light, and 40 lbs be too heavy? Shakes still taste good, routine at this point.
Thanks for the encouragement Triskele and Patel.

Day 16
Rest Day. Shakes, shakes, shakes. Lifestyle NEPA. My face looks thinner in the mirror. Nice to see that guy.

Day 17
Another good workout. Aside from wimping out on the overhead press…
Shakes and more shakes…business as usual.

good job! keep at it, week 3 and 4 is when you really start seeing differences in the mirror

Day 18
Thanks Greg! Looking forward to that. Good day today. Had to attend a chamber mixer event with top notch snacks. Had dinner shake beforehand, sipped an ice tea at the event, no problem.

Day 19
Another good workout. Shakes fine. Getting low on Metabolic Drive, so I know I’m making progress on this V Diet. Running out of chocolate first, my favorite, apparently.
V Burn tomorrow, then start planning HSM for Sunday!

Day 20
V Burn in 22:00. 3+ minute improvement over last week. Shakes and more shakes. Already planning tomorrow’s HSM.

great improvement hooner!

Day 21
Weekly weigh-in: 195, 5lbs since last week, 13lbs overall so far. Waist lost 1" since last week. Full set of measurements next Sunday. V Diet is working!

Day 22
Workout was good, except lame on plank time. To hold plank position as long as possible, I pretend my body is a bridge and my little dogs are running to walk over the bridge (me), so they don’t fall in a ditch. Today the dogs would have had to jump, 'cause the plank bridge didn’t last long.

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