Holiday V-Diet

So I decided to do the V-Diet over the holidays to break a trend. Rather than gain 15lbs over Christmas I intend to lose that or more. (as a side note, I am using all of the recommended supps, after driving nearly an hr out of my way to pick up my shipment from the FedEx facility, they weren’t going to deliver it till today and I needed to be a state away by then) I began yesterday and here are the start numbers.

Age: 21
Height: 5’10
Start Weight: 237

I’m trying to find my tape… I’ll have those measurements up soon. Also, I’ll be taking video during the holiday times… I already have family members trying to get me to give in and “just start later” and of course the “this can’t be healthy” charges are coming in left and right.

Oh here is a travel story, en route to my Mom’s house yesterday I had to have my lunch shake so I stopped at a McDonald’s to fill my bottle. I then went out to my car and opened the trunk, it looked like I was dealing Biotest products out of my car with the two boxes in there stuffed full of low carb anabolic goodies… The fat asses going through the drive through were staring and I’m sure curious as to what the hell was going on, then it dawned on me… I’m in rural NC, mixing powders in a parking lot dressed in all black, and i can pass for Arab to them. I think they were worried.

Well, so far so good. Used my HSM last night, had turkey, green beans, pinto beans and a salad with balsamic wine vinegar. I woke up a little late today, so my meals are kinda close together… having to force them down. I definitely showed will power with avoiding the damn desserts, but the hardest to pass up were the tamales and rice…

The workouts are good, and the pacing definitely kicks some ass. I really like hand walk outs too.

Hey Senator, welcome aboard!
I’ll follow your log and hoping to see some great results! What are your goals? Have you been training a lot in the past? What training program are you on?

I always admire those who just do what they need to do instead of waiting until the “perfect” time. Some of the most successful V-Dieters are those who’ve done it at “imperfect” times: holidays, vacations, etc. Can’t wait to see your results!

Thanks for the support guys. I played soccer through high school, we didn’t really lift but it kept my weight down, thats probably relative. I’ve always been a big guy weight wise, even when I ran around for 90 mins or more 6 days a week. Fast forward and I’m in my senior year of University. I started lifting my second semester of school freshman year and have had good semesters and bad ones. I’ve gained muscle mass, and lost a little body fat, but I’ve not leaned out like I’ve wanted to.

My peak was this past summer I got up to 250 lbs. So I trimmed down to 225 just doing portioning and being consistent with my work out. Then thanksgiving break came and I went to DC and partied hard (I’ve been back every weekend since), now I was not piss drunk or anything but hitting the pubs at 4 eating have some drinks then we’d be off to a sushi bar or something, I’d eat whatever I want then back to the pub or bar until 2… so that ended up putting me at 237 lbs.

My previous training plans include riptoes starting strength, a 5 x5 workout, a few 4 day splits and I hate cardio so I was doing carries from the “Boy you gotta carry that weight” article. The problem I have is consistency with both diet and workout, hopefully this will help that. I also was using which was really a mistake. Their forums were just full of idiots, and the information there was sub par. After being on T-Nation for over a year now, I could never go back.

Oh and Chris, this might make me a sadist… but I chose the holidays to do this intentionally! I figure most folks will gain their 12 lbs and I’ll try to lose double that and a little more…

If you can do something in the hard times, you can do it in the easy times. Since hard times are sure to come, it’s always better if we can prove to ourselves that it can be done during the hardest times. That’s why I figure the holidays are perfect.

indeed… I’m about to do my V-burn and as I’m sipping my sugar free red bull in my room the smell of my mom’s fucking awesome spaghetti and garlic bread are being pumped through the house… I’ll keep losing fat thanks…

So the freaking V- Burn kicked my ass… wanted to puke afterward, maybe I pushed a little too hard… or maybe its all a give and take. I woke up WAY late today so I’ve been drinking shake all day it seems. Lifting tomorrow can’t wait

Lifting tonight was good. I never liked front squats before, but tonight I really enjoyed it. I missed another shake today… I need to get this on track…

Hey Senator,
How many days so far? Looks like it’s all going well. Keep it up! I actually changed the front squats to back squats cause I hate the fronts :slight_smile: (but don’t tell anyone…changing things is baddd ;))
Day 25 for me…almost over …pfff :slight_smile:

wed is the 8th day…


Weight: 227.4 -9.6 lbs

Feel pretty good, I missed two shakes this past week, need to keep that from happening. Also, I need to make my walks more consistent right now i do them just whenever, I think if I do them in the morning after my 1st shake I can help get into a routine that will also help me regulate my shake intake and fix two issues at the same time.

In a moment of craving I’ve realized a sugar free red bull does the trick. Tomorrow is HSM reset… I’m using them for social outings and I get a new one tomorrow, wonder how long I’ll be able to go with out using week 2’s…

Got a bit of a wild hair tonight, here is a recipe for a “protein latte”

10oz Water
2 Scoops Vanilla Metabolic Drive
1.5 Tea Spoon Cinnamon Spice
4-8 oz strong black coffee

Heat the water to desired drink temperature mix in the protein shake well, then toss in the cinnamon spice shake again. Finally add Coffee to taste, the end result is something similar to be not congruent to a cinnamon dulce latte, I may try a sugar free syrup next…

wauw!! -9.6lbs already? Congratz man!! Well done! You are heading for amazing results here! Keep it up!
happy new year!

Thanks man, I wish I’d had the memory card from the beginning to post pics. I tried to day but the files were corrupt. I think leaving the camera in the car may have caused that, not sure though. I’ll try to get some pics up tomorrow. Happy new year to you as well!

Well the work out today was good… but I was trying to hold on to my breakfast shake and still finish… My stomach is kinda funky today, I’ve had much gas. Hopefully tomorrow will be better…

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