Holding Water, Lost Leanness

So I’m still using Indigo-3G, Plazma and MAG-10 but lately I’ve been holding a lot of water and can’t seem to get rid of it. I was really lean and vascular for a while but now I seem to be going in the other direction. Not much has changed, diet is pretty consistant (chicken, rice, veggies, beef, oats etc, split over two meals post training unless I get really hungry another time) , still training like a bad ass using CT’s layers and such. Usually 3 servings of Plazma + 2 servings of MAG-10 afterwards. Any suggestions?

Holding water is a odd thing. It often seems to occur randomly and without reason, and could even be hormonal (men have hormonal cycles too, just less messy ones!)

But just in case, check into your salt intake. Maybe some of your solid foods have been saltier? Also, make sure your oatmeal is gluten-free. If it’s not certified gluten-free, then there could be some cross contamination. Lastly, pound the water. Even slight dehydration can sometimes cause the body to hang on tight to what it has.

If the extra bloat seems to be sticking around, consider a Pulse Fast during an upcoming off day. Just pulse MAG-10 every 3 hours or so, no solid food. That’ll help you dump water and allow digestion time to “catch up” so to speak. Most people find themselves several pounds lighter the next day from excess water or inflammation dumping, some fat loss, and basically just allowing digestion to fill its backorders.

The good news is, you’re lean enough to notice some fluid retention! Most people aren’t. Still, it can be annoying.

Will do, I been drinking a lot more water lately just because it’s been so dry here. It’s possible that the oatmeal is not gluten-free (crappy store brand for like 1$) I’m on my last bottle of MAG-10 for a while so I’ll think about doing a pulse fast day, that’s worked in the past.

Yeah, the discount oats are much riskier I’ve discovered. If you have a WalMart around, they’re now selling the good gluten-free certified stuff for less that what you’d spend at a health food store. Good to see that. (Almond flour too!) At my local store, these products are in their own gluten-free section separate from the regular oatmeal section.

Haven’t seen certified oats up here in this Walmart (northern NY), but I’ve seen RedMill’s Almond flour before, might have been added recently I just haven’t been by. Thanks for the tip I’ll look for it next time I go

It could be a cortisol issue to. I think CT also mentioned in the livespills that excessive cortisol causes water retention, especially in the ab region. I think this is true because whenever I have a deload I tend to drop a lot of bloat and look leaner.

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