Hoglover's V-Diet Log -The Sequel

Ok, so it’s come time to take the V-Diet challenge again. I had a successful run at it back in march and April and I’m looking to build on what I accomplished then. Last time I lost about 14 pounds in the 4 weeks going from 191 lbs to 177 lbs. Since then I think i’ve put back on about 7 to 8 lbs but my measurements have stayed close to the same.

My wife and I are going on a cruise in October so I’ve decided that I have a couple of months to widdle the body down even tighter and really earn that vacation. So here it is, the first day of my V-Diet sequel.

I’ve already had two shakes today. I’ll get back in a bit and post my beginng measurements and photos.

So, here we go!

Alright… alright… I know I haven’t posted my before pics yet but it’s not that they haven’t been taken… it’s just that I haven’t had time yet.

So I just got back from a little mid-day activity. I wouldn’t call it a work out really because I just did some NEPA and did a couple sets of incline bench. Nothing to really talk about. Will lift tonight for real though.

Got my shakes in yesterday. Have had 2 today and am getting ready for a 3rd with my HOT-ROX, Flameout, and TRIBEX. Need to run to the store today for some more flax seed.

So I’ve decided to start weighing out my protein and Natty PB. I saw a video on Youtube talking about how not weighing your food can be adding more calories to your diet than you realize. So I’m trying to weigh everything out.

Got in bed by about 10pm last night but didn’t get to sleep until after 10:30, wife had the TV on. Got up at 5 like every morning. Trying to get more sleep during this month of the V-diet to see how that affects my results.

Weighed this morning for grins and was down to 181 lbs. (yesterday started out at 185 lbs.) I know I know… AQUA…

Pictures to come tonight hopefully.

If you did the V-Diet the first time around, did you actually follow it to a T?

The changes to your taste buds should have made you eat healthier and prevented adding a noticeable amount of fat. Just curious what happened?

[quote]Bona wrote:
If you did the V-Diet the first time around, did you actually follow it to a T?

The changes to your taste buds should have made you eat healthier and prevented adding a noticeable amount of fat. Just curious what happened?[/quote]

Bona -

Hey, thanks for checking in on my thread. Yea, I did do the V-diet the first time around to a T. I eat clean a majority of the time but just like everyone else I have my moments where I don’t eat so clean.

The trick with me has been working to keep the “not so clean” moments to a minimum. It’s been an evolutionary process for me really.

I didn’t put just a whole lot of fat back on between my last V-diet run and this one but maybe a little. I still feel like I’m ahead of where I was when I started the first one back in March.

Ok, I know it’s like a week behind but here are my “before photos” taken at the beginning of this week.

8.4.2008 - 185 lbs

(Measurements in inches)

Love Handle-36
Waist(hip bone)-35.75
L Bicep-14.5
R Bicep-14.75
R Quad-22.25
L Quad-21.5
R Calf-15.25
L Calf-15






So there ya go… the beginning pics. Will have to post my measurements maybe tomorrow. Too tired to do it now.

Just as an update though. I started out the week at 185 lbs. and I weighed in at 178 lbs. this morning.

'til next time…


Nice to see you are doing the V-Diet again. I have been toying around with the idea again myself. I did mine over a yeara ago, quit after two weeks after getting a bad sinus infection, but managed to lose 5 pounds, which was a good starting point for me.

I thinking that if I start, I am going to start when my hubby leaves for Canada, then I won’t have to be doing any cooking during that week. In the meantime, I am trying to clean things up. I eat fairly good during day, its in the evening that gets me. My daughter brings home too much junk.

Anyway good luck.


Yea, the junk people bring home isn’t cool but just realize that there is no rule saying you have to take care of it for them. Throw it away. It’d be a good way to take out your anger for the fact that they dared bring that crap in your face when you’re on a restrictive diet.

Yea, the messing up in the evenings is the worst time to mess up. The first two weeks is always the hardest. Just remember that and don’t allow any excuses to mess you up. It’s a tough diet. Let’s not kid ourselves. But the results if done correctly are worth it.

I know I’ve sucked at keep this thread updated real well, but… well, I’ve been busy I guess.

Here’s the HSM I had this past Sunday at lunch.

It was the shrimp and Salmon from Ruby Tuesday. I told them to hold the peanut/bbq sauce that was supposed to go on the Salmon. The shrimp and salmon had some pretty good cajun seasoning. I had rice pilaf (didn’t realize it was coming with shredded cheese or I’d told them to hold it off. I did scrap some of it off) and mashed cauliflower. My wife makes mashed (or whipped cauliflower) cauliflower better than Ruby Tuesdays. Theirs was a little lumpy. Didn’t care for the lumpy cauliflower. I want it to be smooth and creamy. Anyway… good meal though.

Hey thanks for those encouraging words. I asked my daughter kindly this a.m to eliminate it from my sight and kitchen. Out of sight no temptation.

The next few weeks I hope to clean things up and decide if this is the way i want to go, modify it a bit or get back strong with AD. I really think I need the jump start of VD. I am worried about the nausea I experienced last time. That meal looked yummy, although I am not much into cajun spices. I love shrimp, not much of salmon eater though.

Post when you can. I think sometimes it just a good place to put our thoughts and frustrations. I can’t decide whether I am going to post or just journal on my own. Those decisions I’ll make in the next couple of days.


Hey, what happened to you? Did you cave in already? I have been reading and getting motivation and inspiration from those doing the plan.

I really hope that you are doing well. I have gotten motivated enough to put my plan down on some spreadsheets and clean up my evening junk eating. I feel like I have already lost a couple of pounds and heading in the right direction.

I think I will place my order tomorrow and start replacing my snacks with two shakes and start working my way towards beginning program again. I hope to officially start on Sept 1st.

That gives me one week before hubby leaves for Canada and then gives me a whole week to not have to cook and stay strong and away from food temptations. I also wanted to get this in before it got too cold here.

Shakes are cold and not usually pleasant on cold mornings. I would prefer something warm when it cools down here. So I guess i am making necessary adjustments and preparing mentally. I am thinking 15 pounds of fat loss would be perfect for me.

Well I have rattled on long enough. I hope you are staying strong and doing well.


Sorry, no I’m doing good still. Sticking to the plan. I’ve just been really bad at logging my day to day activities on here this time around. I’m down almost 10 lbs. and I’m really starting to feel lighter. This is pretty typical for at the point in the diet.

I would have to say that I haven’t been doing the NEPA walks and regular lifting like I need to. I have been lifting but it hasn’t been on a schedule like it probably should.

I find that when I’m on restrictive plans like this I do good just to make it through each day with some energy left to hang out with my family at the end of the day.

So I’ve definitly got to step up the walks and hit the weights even harder over the last two weeks of the diet. The weekend is almost here though and that means HSM #2 is right around the corner. Then only two more weeks of this strict phase of the diet.

Looking very forward to being finished with this deal. It works… but it’s not fun!

Thanks for continuing to check in.

Check back this Sunday, I’ll be sure to have some updated photos posted and measurements from the past couple of weeks. I’ve gotta get this stupid log updated.

So glad it’s almost the weekend. Can really use the solid meal this weekend. I’ve given myself a new resoluion to really kick things up several notches on the lifting and NEPA front. I need to be consistent with those activities to get the most out of this process and my money that I spent on the supps. I’m down almost 10 lbs. at this point (less than 2 weeks).

I really want to break into the 160s. I can’t remember the last time I was 160 anything. I’m lighter now at 176 than I can ever remember. We’ll see what the tape measure says this weekend and see what the camera reveals.

I recognize that about middle of week two my moods typically even out. The first week or so I’m a total asshole and very cranky. But about mid-week on week 2 (this has happened every time) I seem to mellow out and become more pleasant again. My wife has stated on several occassions that she hates this diet. Hahahaha… I can understand.

Sometimes I’m not so fond of it myself. Love the results though.

So i’m thinking of axing the natural peanut butter at the end of each evening. Although it’s my favorite part of the entire day, I’m going to see how that affects my progress. Also, I’ve noticed that while on this diet I almost can’t stand diet sodas. They’re just too sweet. I’m sure that this diet sort of resets my taste buds and makes them more sensitive. I guess that’s good.

Another thing that this diet is supposed to do is change your cravings for bad foods. Well, I’d say that’s partially true so far for me. I mean, it is true that everything solid tastes so much better after drinking your nutrition day after day. Even the most “boring” healthy foods (which I actually like most of the time) are so much better while on this diet, but I have to say that I still crave and think about eating “not so healthy” foods. Like right now I’m really craving the Big Taste Tacos from Taco Bell. I’m not typically a huge Taco Bell fan but those sound really tasty right now. Also something I never eat is sushi but it sounds awesome right now!

So we’ll see how everything turns out at the end of the 4 week strict phase. Almost half way through this deal.

So glad to hear that you are working towards your goals. Congrats on weight loss so far. I am a little nervous to start this again, but I have been gathering my motivation. In reading it has at least got me cleaning up what I am currently eating. The evening junk food has become almost nil. Besides being sick this last winter/spring I think trying to carb cycle was my down fall. My body just doesn’t tolerate carbs well. I have only put on five pounds, but it is all in the stomach/waist area.

That is quite unusual for me. I am planning on ordering MD today and maybe by next week, start replacing two of my meals with shakes in preparation. I really am prepared on paper and if I could achieve 15 pounds of weight loss, this I think will be perfect. I really think I could use to lose more fat, but I have never been that low before, but I wasn’t lifting and excercising then either. More of starvation diet, not good! The crazy things we put ourselves through.

Well you have a good weekend and keep reaching for your goal.

Stay strong!


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