His & Her V-Diet Log

I did this diet 5 months ago with great results. Unfortunately I got injured at the gym right around the holidays and some of the weight has come back. My goal is go get back to the shape I was in when I finished my first vdiet back in August of 09.

This time around, I’ve got my wife with me. I was a bit worried about her will-power, but after we did our measurements last night I saw how pissed off she was; I know she’s in it to win it.

I’ll post measurements later tonight.

Looks like we’re taking the plunge at the same time. This is also my second go-around, and it worked great the first time around. Looking forward to seeing your progress to keep myself motivated!

day 1 was pretty anti-climactic for me… the vdiet is like riding a bike, i just fell right back into my groove (except for some late afternoon brain fog)

my wife, unfortunately, didn’t fare as well. she wanted to sleep at 7pm last night and skip a shake. i helped her pull through though.

day 4 here and things are starting to get a little tougher. i seem to recall days 3 and 4 being tough the first time so i’m not sweating it too much. my wife has adjusted to the diet and she’s doing well. i’m constantly tired, but not really feeling hungry or irritable. i can tell the wife wants food bad, she was talking about what we’re doing for our hsm on saturday on tuesday. i haven’t thought twice about it to be honest.

i haven’t done any workouts yet, just nepa. i see my physical therapist tomorrow and hopefully he releases me to do some work at the gym… i miss hitting the weights (and more importantly i want my Surge damnit)

i’m starting to question the decision for us both to go on the diet at the same time. it’s day 5 and the grouchy factor has set in for us both. to make matters worse, the wifey is starting to pms.

on the plus side, we’re both starting to shed weight. i put on a pair of 33 waste jeans which were comfortable two weeks ago, and i’m literally swimming in them now. face and stomach have lost some fat for sure for me. my wife is seeing fat loss in her face and arms. tomorrow is our hsm day and we’re both really starting to look forward to it. looks like we’re gonna do salmon, asparagus, and a salad (which happens to be the first HSM i did on my first vdiet a few months ago)

the physical therapist cleared me to do upper body work at the gym. i’ll be doing some form of activity 3 times a week starting next week. i’m thinking of adding some isolation leg work in to the process, but i need to be careful.

the down side has been a lack of energy and persistent hunger pains. i’m doing ok, but wifey fucked up and had a tablespoon of peanut butter yesterday. we lowered the amount of PB in her evening shake, but still… she needs to learn that she doesn’t NEED food, she just wants it. she’ll come along once the results start rolling in.

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