Hiking Question


Hey Chris,

My supplies were delivered today and I am planning to get started tomorrow.

I am going hiking in Sedona, AZ on Saturday. Overall, will be hiking approximately 4 hours, with only about 1 hour intense hiking/mountain climbing, the rest is casual hiking. It is going to be around 97 degrees, which is surprisingly cool for me, living in Phoenix.

  1. Should I drink more than what is on my menu? As I know I will be working more than what I should be. Or, do you have any suggestions to ensure I don’t feel like crap afterwards.

I am really hoping to start tomorrow, but if I am getting too much cardio in on Saturday, or possibly not be feeling well, I could wait until Sunday to start.

On a different note,

  1. For my daily NEPA would it be ok to 30 mins on a stationary bike and 30 mins walking, instead of 60 mins walking? Or, should I just suck it up because this just me being a lazy ass cause I get bored walking.

Thank you!

  1. Just do the diet as normal or add one scoop of Metabolic Drive to a shake that day if you feel you need it. Or, one scoop of Surge to drink during hike.

  2. That’s fine.