High Intensity Training & Crossfit


Hey Guys,

After reading up and following the Velocity Diet for several years, I decided to pull the trigger and make the commitment to change my life and start the diet. I am currently doing a high intensity training program and I just got into the meat of it after identifying the weight I should be training in. The problem is that it is for two days a week and only for 30 minutes.

The Velocity diet states I should train three days though so I’m not sure whether to start the diet or not. For my Velocity Burn day, I was playing on doing Crossfit. My questions are whether I should stop my program and go with a traditional three day workout day with another trainer (already have a trainer lined up for this) and if Crossfit would be a good substitute for my V-Burn day.

Want to make the very most of this since how you start often dictates how you end. Thanks in advanced!



I would say if you want to do the V-Diet listen exactly to instructions and do what is stated in terms of working out rather than switching it around. Thats my .02, but I’ve never done the V-Diet.


You should do the velocity diet workout unless you are a super advanced lifter.

The reason being is it’s a pretty low calorie diet and doing too much will result in muscle loss and/or less than optimal fat burning.

Do it the way it is written once, then you can come back and play with it later.


I thought myself a pretty “moderately advanced lifter” before I started the V-Diet. I decided to do the program as written and was extremely suprised at how challenging it was. Remember, you are going to be in an energy depleted state. Too much work is going to potentially burn muscle. The V-Diet workouts are the perfect amount of work, not too much but enough for an intense workout. Just get the right weights and stick to the rest periods to the second and it will be very challenging.
My advice, do the workout as written. It is only 6 weeks. If nothing else, you will get experience doing another type of program. You can go back to crossfit after you are done if you want.