High Cortisol

Belindamarie4 asks:

I suffer from high cortisol and I am really trying to reduce this. Is there a supplement you can best recommend for me?

Sure thing. First, check this article that explains why we don’t want to squash out all cortisol all the time. There are times when high cortisol is a terrible thing, but there are also some specific times when cortisol is necessary.

This article also has good tips for minimizing cortisol and stress.

Make sure you’re maximizing sleep quality. Having the room super-dark (blackout curtains or something similar are very helpful), keeping the room temperature on the cooler side, and adding Z-12 can all improve the quality of sleep, which is arguable more important than quantity. A good, solid, restful 6 hours can be better for you than 9 hours of interrupted tossing and turning.

Rhodiola is an adaptogen, basically an herb that helps your body deal with stress in general (not on a mood level, but on an actual physical level). Definitely something I’d consider in this situation.

Also, make sure your workout nutrition is in place every time you train. The right protein and carbs at the right times can make a huge difference in how your body responds to a workout.

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