High Calcium Intake while on the V-Diet

Hey Chris,

I’m on my 16th day of the V-Diet and things are going pretty well. However, I just noticed that on a regular day, a V-Dieter may consume around 2100mg of Calcium, or a little over 200% of the recommended daily values. Now, I’m not a big believer in standard Recommended Daily Values but I still have to ask, is there any risk of hypercalcemia while on the V-Diet, especially if one takes a D Vitamin supplement (I take 8000iu every day)?

Thanks in advance

Nope, no worries. As you said, the RDA is basically “barely keep you functioning” levels.

Great, thanks. The first time I did the V-Diet I noticed some calcium buildup on my teeth, which has not happened this time around. Could this be because of the new formula? Anyway, all good stuff. This diet is awesome. It may be regarded as a little old school considering newer dieting techniques (intermittent fasting, etc.) and peri-workout protocols but it’s effectiveness and simplicity can’t be denied.

I did intermittent fasting, and i didn’t lose jack, i stayed more or less the same.

V-Diet made me lose faster than anything i tried, including low carb solid diet. I reached same results in the past, but it took me a hell of a lot longer.

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