Hiccups and Heartburn

Hello, I am experiencing some very serious painful hiccups and heartburn on the Velocity Diet. Any tips?

Never heard of either before with the V-Diet honestly. I looked up some dietary causes for heartburn and none of those are in the V-Diet shakes. Hmm, try cutting the flax seed amounts in half and adjusting the water content up or down.

Hey Chris, thanks for the reply. My original post was a quick cry for help between hiccups at work (hiccups get really really painful after 45 minutes or so).

The first time I did the V-Diet in 2010 or so I had no issues like this, and then the second time in 2011 I ended up quitting after a couple days because it was so bad.

This time its been more annoying than anything else, I am going to tough it out for the week, and see if my body adjusts, or if I can pinpoint the cause. I think its the hiccups that cause the heartburn, and the hiccups seem to coincide with times I take HOT-ROX (this morning, for example, I had only taken HOT-ROX, and they started before I had even began my shake).

I can keep you updated on how this all goes if you would like.

I’ve gotten heartburn from HOT-ROX before, too. I’ve found I just need to drink a ton of water when taking the pill(s). Like a quart/liter.

I’ve never had the hiccup problem, but I do take HOT-ROX myself with a little food or a sip of a shake. Otherwise I get temporarily nauseous. Oddly, tea does the same thing to me. But take the capsules with just a bite of food or drink of a shake, and it’s no problem.

Not sure if that would help you, but you can try it.

Do you think you’re swallowing air or something when you take the capsules? Just guessing. Never heard of this before with anyone.

The first time, I had considered both the gulping air, and that perhaps my shakes were too “bubbly” and needed to settle. I have been very conscious of these two things this time, and still had it on the first day. Day 2 was significantly better(only one short bout of hiccups), and here we are day three, and I’ve felt no discomfort whatsoever today. Well, besides when I was barbequing burgers for my wife and son today haha. Thats another unrelated point, the only thing I am really craving is just straight beef. No junk, nothing. Ground beef, and mushrooms fried in garlic and olive oil. I needed this “reset” bad.

Thanks for the help Chris, and Todd.

Sounds like a great HSM in the works!

“Reset.” Good way to describe it.

I’m getting hiccups today (day 4). I took the HOT-ROX at 5 AM (one pill with water) then Meal shake 1 at 6:00AM with the Flameout and the hiccups started and lasted for a little less than seven hours. They finally stopped, then I drank Meal 3 shake + Flameout and they started up for about an hour.

My wife suggested I may be gulping, so I slowed it down and sipped Meal Shake 4+Flameout, which resulted in about a 2 hour bout with hiccups.

Then Meal Shake 5 +Flameout and the hiccups are coming 2 and 3 at a time now.

So this is happening with or without flax, HOT-ROX doesn’t seem to be the trigger, and slowly consuming the shake made no change.

All in all, that’s about 10 hours of hiccuping today so it’s starting to get fairly painful, but since I used more than half my grocery budget on the meal plan, I can’t just cut my losses and do something else.


I did Csulli and Jewbacca’s suggestion(s) and they were instantly gone.

by “they” I mean the hiccups.

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