Herniated Disc (Ouch)

I did the V-Diet last fall with great success (lost 21 lbs and many inches)!
I’m a 52 yo physician and was getting in the best shape of my life! Got a bit over-enthusiastic in the gym with the HBT stuff (this was after I completed the V-Diet) . Herniated a lumbar disc in early November - probably from power cleans (certainly didn’t do them properly). Anyway, I’ve been a bit sedentary during the recuperation process. I’m better but certainly not out of the woods. I’ve started doing split training again, but I’m limited to exercises in which I can stabilize my back and my core.

I’d very much like to do another round of the V-Diet and I love the 3.0 modifications (makes it much easier to do and follow). However, I’m not sure how to approach the weight training and certainly the bodyweight sessions will pose challenges (really can’t safely jump or do torso twisting motions). Chris, would it be OK to simply substitute “back-safe” exercises when necessary?
Have you run across this issue before?
Any help would be most appreciated.
And, for those just starting or contemplating the V diet, trust me - IT WORKS!


You may want to toss this into the Velocity Training 3.0 thread at the top of this forum and maybe we can get Coach Waterbury to chime in.

I think it’s doable, but maybe Chad will have some specific suggestions.

I’ll post per your recommendation

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