Here's How You Get Rid of the Foam Quickly


Like many of you, I’ve experienced problems with too much foam, or the foam takes forever to go down. Until now…

Below is an easy process to get rid of it in a very quick manner (tricks are highlighted in bold):

  1. Pour 1-2 doses of Plazma into your bottle of water (I start with around 500ml of cold water)
  2. Shake lightly for about 10 seconds
  3. Pour in desired amount of liquid flavoring
  4. Use a spoon and stir it around, going faster and deeper each time, until the foam goes away
  5. It should be ready to drink now.

Hope this works for everyone. Let me know.


This helped a lot. I use a butter knife to stir instead of a spoon. I stirred two times, once to mix Plazma after lightly shaking for 10 seconds and the other time after filling cold water to 1,000 ml.

This method allowed me to see the ml numbers on the bottle whereas the label directions didn’t allow me to see any with the foam capacity dominating the bottle volume. Thanks again for your post! :muscle:


Awesome @wsb50! Trying that tomorrow.


I always shake it violently and get extra foam, but 5-10 minutes in the fridge always takes care of it.


My best advice is to use your shaker bottle w/ the SS wire ball and only swirl the bottle to mix! Very little foam! Good Luck!