Here We Go

Starting 26 Jul 2010. Here are some before pics. Right around 6’ @ 205lbs.



Day 1:
It’s around 4pm and I’m about to have my 4th shake of the day. I have been ravenous for most of the day. My stomach has been rolling with hunger and very loud to boot. I can feel the withdrawls of my carb addiction already.

Keep with it man it gets better!

Definitely gets easier over the first couple of days. My hardest days were the first 4 or 5. After that I hit a real solid stride and have been in it ever since. I am closing in on day 15 and have not had a tough day since the first week.

Stay strong and keep us posted!

Thank you all for the awesome feedback! I really appreciate it. I lifted today and surprisingly felt great. High energy and no loss in strength. So far, my only complaint with the diet has been the milled flaxseed. It really adds an undesirable flavor to the shakes.
I’ve always been one of those guys very scared to get skinny. Im really hoping this diet will keep my muscle. On day 2 today and I mentally feel scrawny; lol.
Anyway, thank you all again.

Day five. Hunger pains are getting less frequent. Feel very weak today though. Praying I can make it to my HSM tomorrow.

Day 9. Holding strong. People are commenting my eyes are looking sunken. Would that be an iron deficieny due to no meat in the diet?

Being a chick, I did worry about iron in the diet- I couldn’t find any info on how much there was in the diet. I’m taking a women’s daily supplement alongside the diet just in case, better safe than sorry :slight_smile:

Day 17. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I’m really doing it!. Cant wait to compare before/after photos. Oh ya, Superfood tastes horrible, haha.

I hear you ont he super food man! Try not having a blender or shaker and shaking it in a water bottle. Little super food chinks all over…it was horrible!

All done =)



Better side by side shot


Now that I’m going into the transition phase, I have some questions. Can I start doing cardIo? How often? Also, how intense can the sessions be?

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