Here We Go

So…my entire life I have had trouble with my body image. Always the fat kid on the playground i sort of developed a distorted relationship with my body, food, and exercise. Also, I’m an artist, which is my way of saying that I’m incredibly disorganized, sometimes lack discipline in areas that i care about and feel helpless far too often to be healthy.

A friend of mine happened to be a “body builder” a while back and told me about this crazy Velocity Diet that he did. I saw the rows and rows of pill bottles and powder jugs he had lying around his room and immediately got really freaked out. I thought it was INSANE. However, after a lot of time thinking about it I’ve decided that perhaps its an appropriate time in my life for me to do something “insane”.

I’ve tried diets before but never stay committed because they all give WAY too much wiggle room. I work best under pressure and strict guidelines. I always have. I’m ready to stop dinking around with my health and be strict. I want to be be disciplined for once in my life and hopefully this discipline will leak into other aspects of my life.

so. here we go.

Now i have yet to purchase any of the Biotest velocity diet products due to affordability at the moment as well as planning. once i do it though…i am going to do it. so i have to be damn sure. Also i feel like it requires at least a weeks worth of planning beforehand. I need to get everything situated so i don’t have to think about it. just follow the set laws.

what do you think…you think i can do it? you think i can change my life?

I think that as long as you have the desire to change and the want to make a difference you can do anything you choose to do. I have been on the diet for 2 full days now and have stayed strong. I was never one to finish something and as I would start to see changes everything would fall through the cracks. But I told myself this time would be different and so far it has.

This isnt easy by any means but trust me…the support you will find in your loved ones and on this website alone will help you get through this! Take the plunge and we will all be here to cheer you on and help you make it to the finish line! Go for it!

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