Here We Go! PecDec's Log

So I started the V-Diet today. Was planning on doing this for a while now and I think the timing of the 3.0 is perfect.

A little bit about myself. I am 35 yrs old and have been hitting the gym since I was 14. Right now I weigh 222 lbs and have 19.2 % bodyfat. I have chronic pain in my right shoulder as well as my right knee (busted those two joints a couple of times in the past).

I will try to follow the 3.0 program but there will be some tweaks. Each week I will try to upload the progress using the training forms and some pictures and measurements.

Now let’s go over the differences with the original program.


No matter what I do my stomach won’t allow me to ingest only liquids especially proteins. Because of that I will have to have a solid meal a day. The rest of the diet will be the same with the exception of a salad for lunch:

  • organic italian green salad mix
  • organic cherry tomatoes
  • organic bell pepers
  • 1 tbsp milled flax

There is no dressing whatsoever on the salad.


I will be using the supplements form the program with the following exceptions:

  • Flameout will be replaced with Krill Oil

I have been using Flameout for about two years and it is an amazing product but for me the Krill Oil works better. Since I have started the Krill Oil I don’t have any pain in my joints no matter how hard I train.

  • HOT-ROX Extreme - I will be using only 2 caps a day instead of four

For me HOT-ROX is the best supplement I have ever taken. Period. Unfortunately I don’t react very well to stimulants and since Yohimbine was added I cannot take more than 2 caps. But man those 2 caps make a difference!

And yeah, I don’t know what Biotest puts in this supplement but every time I take it, about 20 min later I get that “Zing!!!” feeling, I don’t know how to explain it better, it feels like I am high. Right now it got to a point where I can say I am addicted to that feeling which is kinda scary!


I will be using the advanced program and will stick to it.

So there you have it. Later today I will post the starting measurements and some pictures.


Height: 5’9"
Weight: 222 lbs
Neck: 16.5"
Shoulders: 50.4"
Chest: 43.3"
Upper R Arm (unflexed): 15.6"
Upper L Arm (unflexed): 15.4"
Lower R Arm: 12.8"
Lower L Arm: 13"
Waist (below navel): 38"
Waist (highest point): 39"
Hips/Buttocks: 42"
Right Thigh: 26.2"
Left Thigh: 26.2"
Right Calf: 16.2"
Left Calf: 17"
Right Ankle: 9.9"
Left Ankle: 10"

Good luck

As you can see there is a lot of room for improvement.
This should be fun.

Picture 2

Picture 3

Any updates PecDec?

So far so good. The diet is going well and training is good. Yesterday I had some problems during the day, I think for some reason my blood sugar level went low because I started having some hypoglycemia symptoms. They only lasted for about 15 min and after eating half an apple, I was feeling OK in no time.

I can definitely see some progress, my weight is now around 218. My belly fat has gone down visibly and I can feel the belt getting loose a little bit. I have not taken any measurements, I will wait until Saturday or Sunday and will post them along with some progress pictures.

On the training front everything feels great but I am having some problems with the dips & the dumbbell presses. My right shoulder hurts after exercising (mind you the Krill Oil works very well because next day in the morning the pain is usually gone). I will probably start supplementing the Krill Oil with Flameout since I have a couple of bottles laying around. I also had to order some more HOT-ROX and L-Leucine (should arrive tomorrow).

This definitely works and it is helping me to be more focused. I have to find a way to control my sugar better so that I don’t have any hypoglycemia attacks because they are not fun!

Gotta hit the gym now. ;o)

I will also upload the training log with the weights at the end of the week.

OK. Quick update. Everything is going very well now. As of Wed I managed to eliminate the daily solid meal (the salad I was talking about) so now I am fully compliant with the V-Diet 3.0 guidelines ;o).

The training is good and I can’t wait for Sunday to try challenge. More detailed updates & pictures tomorrow.

Looking forward to your progress pecdec keep me updated and post some pictures im only a few days behind you and hearing/seeing your results will be a great motivation for me i think.

Ya it looks like you me and Birdman are all right around each other, keep up the good work!

Measurements after one week:

Height: 5’9"
Weight: 215 lbs (-7 lbs)
Neck: 16"
Shoulders: 49.2"
Chest: 43.3"
Upper R Arm (unflexed): 15.4"
Upper L Arm (unflexed): 15.2"
Lower R Arm: 12.8"
Lower L Arm: 12.8"
Waist (below navel): 36.8"
Waist (highest point): 37.2"
Hips/Buttocks: 41.1"
Right Thigh: 25.4"
Left Thigh: 25.6"
Right Calf: 16"
Left Calf: 16.8"
Right Ankle: 9.7"
Left Ankle: 9.8"

Pictures to follow later.

Hey, hey, look what I have found while going through some old pictures… this is me 19 yrs ago (16 yrs old).

Will the V-Diet get me closer to this BF %? I guess I have to wait and see ;o)

Front. My midsection is starting to show up a little bit.

Left side.


A solid loss I hope I do as well!

looking good so far!

Im a few days behind you on day 4 right now, but looking at your pictures i think we aare in a very similar position.

Im not sure you are at 19% BF btw. my body looks like yours more or less and my rough measurements put me at 12.5%, although i think im more like 15%.

My main aim is to lose stomach and chest fat which is where it seems to be stubborn (on you too?)

Anyway I think itd be good if we keep checking up on each other for the duration?

Thanks everyone for your feedback. I am definitely keeping an eye on the “group”. Chutec, you are looking good man, the amount of fat you have lost so far is amazing. I will be checking up on your progress.

I am also very impressed with canaduke and his progress so far.

Also keeping an eye on birdman7888.

Update. Everything still going well. Training is actually improving, I feel that the weekly progression is perfect (reducing rest time between sets).

On the diet front, so far so good, no cravings. I even managed to bump up the HOT-ROX to 3 a day.

The only thing that I find strange is the fact that since Saturday I have not lost any weight. Zip, nada, zilch. My weight remains around 215 lbs. I have read the feedback that other users gave and I understand that some people plateau a little bit during the second and the third week. But hey no weight loss in almost 4 days? Is it possible that body composition is changing and the body fat lost is being replaced by lean body mass? That would be amazing.

Anywho, anyone care to comment? Chris?

P.S. I am following 100% the V-Diet plan and I am using the Advanced Training version. NEPA for 40 min every day.

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